by Martin Eastwood
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Compressive consists of two audio compressors written in a combination of C++ and assembly for maximum CPU efficiency.

  • Compressive Pro is an external side chain vintage analogue modeled RMS compressor. The external side contains a 3-band EQ and mid/side controls to allow complete control of audio dynamics
  • Compressive Lite uses the same algorithms as Compressive Pro but has a reduced feature for minimum CPU usage
Joseph Feb 13 2020
Feb 13 2020
The best for what it dos. It also naturally adds to a wider sound. This dry mixed and put to it with udreverb fixes those winamp mp3's to cd quality again I need a way to chain from winamp that dosnt cut the graphics. Id like a plugin that splits the mp3 playback into 5 single tracks with eq and cutoff and an ability to add an effect to each track I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS AS AN OPTION AND NEED IT FOR ESTABLISHING A SOUND I LIKE THAT IS SMALLER IN REVERB AND CHORUS can you make that use a compressor then reverb then widener then cho its what we do to get the cymbals to soung right using a daw if you make us one daw will be in less of a use.
IPlayThem Oct 13 2012
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Oct 13 2012
Good compressor. Used in Podium Free and it worked perfectly!
plancton Jan 27 2012
Jan 27 2012
unfortunately I can't firgure out how to set up a sidechain with this. have no idea how to chose the input.