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GMax is a maximizing limiter.

The most common usage is to boost the perceived level of a signal by increasing base amplitude while preventing clipping. It works by first increasing the level of the incoming audio by a given amount. Then, any audio that becomes too loud is "turned back down", ensuring that the level never exceeds the "ceiling" level. While a maximizing limiter is often used to make an entire song seem "louder", it may also be used in place of a compressor to help control individual tracks.
  • Gain.
  • Ceiling.
  • Release.
  • Meter.
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Marled Mar 09 2017
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Mar 09 2017
In contrast to most other limiters GMax is very useful to reduce some exceptional peaks in single tracks (e.g. synths, vocals, hard drum hits, ...) using the gain and ceiling parameters before you do other processing. Of course you can use it also for the standard limiting job on buses or the master track.
Happy Kafka Crisis Jan 12 2017
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Jan 12 2017
My standard Limiter. I like the minimalistic approach of GVST in general.