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GBand is a resonant band-pass filter.

A typical band-pass filter is configured by selecting a central frequency "node" and adjusting the Q (width) of the band surrounding the node. GBand operates in a much more intuitive way. It is actually composed of a low-cut and a high-cut filter operating in series.  In GVST terms, this plug-in is identical to having a GLow and GHi running one after the other
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HappyKafkaCrisis Sept 16 2016
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Sept 16 2016
Just perfectly doing what is said. You get what you expect. No "Let's see, what happens."
Jongosi Nov 05 2010
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Nov 05 2010
Does what is says on the tin. A single tool which is less CPU intensive than using 2 lo-pass and hi-pass filters. Thx Graham!