by Jasper Vermorgen
3.4 / 5     (5 votes)
DigiReactor is a multi-purpose FM synth.
  • 3 Osc: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Pulse, Noise
  • 2 LFO's (1 -> Filter, 2 -> Custom): Sine, Saw, Ramp, Pulse, S&H
  • 3 Envelopes: Volume, Filter, Pitch
  • Filter: LP, BP, HP, BR
  • Built in effects: Reverb, 2 channel Delay
  • FM mode for metalic sound effects
  • Change octaves for every Osc
  • Trigger gate for rithmic sounds
  • Portamento and stereo panning
PSY-LION Jun 03 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 03 2021
FM Synthesis Yes, Psytrance Sounds YESSSSSSSSS!
Andew May 31 2021
(5 / 5)
May 31 2021
I really wonder why this synth is so badly rated.. like for me, it really does stand out a lot from others. First of all, the like millions of different flavours of RM are just * chefskiss *, I get so creative with using them in patches. You have very unique controls over the LFOs and the Envelopes, and the filter is just awesome, you can set two resonances for the filter.. also, you can modulate anyhing with the arpeggiator! Of course it is not Serum, you cant modulate everything but you can modulate a lot and in a very unique way and this is what really is really attractive about this synth, at least for me. The sound is also very good, 5/5, no brainer.
Gus Apr 24 2011
(3 / 5)
Apr 24 2011
well made and simple filter works great
Carl Nov 20 2010
(3 / 5)
Nov 20 2010
Well made.