by Acquit Music
1.7 / 5     (18 votes)
PPAnalog is a free VST synthesizer producing dirty fat leadsounds.
  • 3 FM osc's
  • each with pitch ctrl
  • LP HP BP Filter
  • Bender
  • Power Knob
nathan Feb 06 2021
Feb 06 2021
It sounds awful absoluty terrible, the worst synth I have ever heard.
Vlyrch Feb 02 2020
(3 / 5)
Feb 02 2020
The first thing I thought of when I saw this VST's name was PewDiePie exclaiming "BIG PP!" and chuckled a little. Seeing the low average rating and reading the negative comments, I thought "how bad can it be?" and decided to try it out. Surprisingly, I found out that it doesn't sound nearly as bad as everyone's making it out to sound; it doesn't sound like what it's SUPPOSED to sound like, that's almost certain, but for psychedelic noise or cheesy old scifi soundtrack type stuff or something this could actually be useful. The only problem is that there's no way to change the speed of the constant background wobbling, so the only way to get it to match the BPM would be to record/render it and then speed it up or slow it down, which is obviously not ideal... I have a feeling I'll probably be using it in one or two snogs in the near future (unless something horrible happens that prevents me from making music), but it doesn't have any of the things that make good VSTs good. It has only one sound, so you can't really do anything with it except more or less painful sweeping noises depending on how you use it. Still, not nearly as bad as I expected.
brotherj Feb 19 2017
(0 / 5)
Feb 19 2017
Acquit? I think they should. If they're going for PPG, they're crash-landing.
Vst Hustla May 30 2015
(0 / 5)
May 30 2015
Totally limp.
wth? May 20 2014
(0 / 5)
May 20 2014
What a total horrible pile of junk! This has the worst sound I have ever heard on a synth plugin.
Richard Mar 16 2014
(0 / 5)
Mar 16 2014
Is this for real? Sounds like low resolution samples and you can hear clicks at the loop points and it has a "filter" that sounds awful. If this was made by a kindergartner I might cut him some slack. There is no possible way this garbage could be of any use to anybody!
Junk Feb 05 2014
Feb 05 2014
Troll plugin. This has to be a joke because this is the most useless horrible synth plugin ever! It makes the "Juno 6" plugin look good and that is a horrendous plugin too!
pos Oct 27 2013
(2 / 5)
Oct 27 2013
Most embarrassingly awful "synth" ever.
sorry Feb 28 2011
(0 / 5)
Feb 28 2011
yes, dirty as in crappy samples. sounds bad