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ODsay is an ARP Odissey emulation.

The ARP Odissey is a two-oscillator analog synth, and was the one of the first synthesizers with duophonic capabilities (the ability to play two notes at the same time).
  • Switchable between sawtooth, square, and pulse waveforms with oscillator sync, a ring modulator, and pink or white noise.
  • Pulse-width can be modulated manually or with the LFO or the ADSR envelope generator. There is a (static) high-pass filter, as well as a voltage controlled low-pass self-oscillating filter.
  • The filter can be controlled by either of the two envelope generators, an ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) and a simple AR (attack, release) and modulated by the LFO, sample-and-hold, the keyboard, or a separate CV (pedal) input on the back panel.
  • The Sample/Hold input mixer can be used to route the output of the VCOs to the FM input of VCO 2 and the VCF, enabling audio.
Bob Angelo Aug 08 2022
(5 / 5)
Aug 08 2022
I update my grading, because I discovered how to make this VST respond to MIDI CCs. I discovered that it could respond to MIDI CCs if you edit the "MIDIcontrollers.txt" in the "00" folder of this VST. Some midi CCs for this synth : FilterCutoff=102; Reso=103; Osc1PWM=25; Osc2PWM=16;ADSRenvelope=73-71-70-72; ARenveloppe=119-97.
Anonymous Mar 26 2023
Mar 26 2023
Please share how to edit the config file in order to enable output to midi when used as VST in a DAW like Cakewalk by Bandlab?
Bob Angelo Aug 01 2023
Aug 01 2023
It is not for this synth to output midi, but to recieve midi CCs for it to respond to midi controllers. 1) paste odsay.dll in your VST folder (it is better to organize things by putting it in a subfolder like Elektrostudio Odyssey). 2) Run the plugin in any DAW at least one. 3) Close the DAW. 4) There is now, in the VST folder (and eventually Electro Odyssey) a new subfolder named 00 with a file named "MIDIcontrollers.txt" (make a backup) and start editting this text file by putting your midi CCs beside the synth's midi CCs. Voilà !
Bob Angelo Jun 26 2021
(4 / 5)
Jun 26 2021
For me, this is the best free emulation of the Odissey. It sounds great, and there is quite a few nice presets. The only negative is that, as other Elektrostudio plugins, the midi learn does'nt work, so it cannot be controlled by CCs (I tried on various versions of FL Studio). The 3 or 4 other Oddisey emulations don't have midi learn, don't sound as good, and don't have as much good presets.
Orby McKorgby May 11 2020
May 11 2020
It's a winner for dinner !
Anonymous Jan 15 2020
Jan 15 2020
Go to add at the top left and scan plugins and click the box next to the name after it finishes
Lum1Noux Sept 14 2019
Sept 14 2019
Does it work on FL STUDIO 20 ? I downloaded this plugin? but the programm doesnt see it.
Anonymous Jul 18 2019
(5 / 5)
Jul 18 2019
A lot of nice psychedelic sounds as well...I love it
Mato Sept 03 2018
(5 / 5)
Sept 03 2018
Brilliant analogue sounding synth!!
Darko Aug 18 2018
(5 / 5)
Aug 18 2018
Sounds very much like a vintage analogue synthesizer!
Thanos Apr 21 2018
Apr 21 2018
I'm using it with Cubase 9.5 64bit without problems. Of course, I used JBridge for bridging it to 64bit witout any problem. No side effects or latency, runs as smooth as it can.
Erisian Oct 31 2017
(5 / 5)
Oct 31 2017
Elektrostudio have made some great stuff and I love the old Arps so to have this emu among my synths is awesome. Plays a treat and makes a nice noise!
NorthwoodMediaworks Sept 21 2017
Sept 21 2017
Fabulous piece of freeware. Need a floydian sound... look no further. Wish the was a Mac port too.
Killmarth Feb 03 2017
Feb 03 2017
I love it but with the new Cubase, you must forget 32-bit... :-(
Darko Aug 18 2018
Aug 18 2018
You can try jBridge, it allows you to run 32-bit VSTs in 64-bit DAWs. It just might work.
msea Nov 24 2016
(5 / 5)
Nov 24 2016
Looking for that 70s retro sound.. this one will stay in my arsenal! Use with a bit of delay and wow, who needs the big boys? and girls?
City-Hunter May 14 2016
(5 / 5)
May 14 2016
Great & pretty complete Synth! Presets sound great, and you can tweak a lot!
Csaba Mar 18 2016
(5 / 5)
Mar 18 2016
This is the best ARP Odyssey emulation!
Mike Mar 16 2016
Mar 16 2016
This is a real winner in my book! Some decent free Odyssey emulations out there, but the warm vintage sound, built in effects and duo function put this one at the top. Pink Floyd, Joe Walsh (Life's Been Good)...it's in here. Thanks Mr. Kryzwicky!
Hicks Feb 22 2015
(3 / 5)
Feb 22 2015
N�her an den 1970ern als alles andere. Leider ist die Polyphonie nur 2-stimmig ... (Closer to the 1970s than all the other stuff. It's a pity that it only offers "duo" instead of "poly" ...)
yessongs Nov 18 2014
Nov 18 2014
An oldie but a goodie.
80s classic Jul 09 2014
(4 / 5)
Jul 09 2014
Good quality sound for old classics.
Anonymous Dec 20 2013
(5 / 5)
Dec 20 2013
Best vst I have found on here.
luiz alberto vasconcelos Nov 07 2013
Nov 07 2013
Incrivel !! sons maravilhosos !!! show !!!
Aldo Nov 06 2013
(5 / 5)
Nov 06 2013
Indeed, can't see any reason why I shouldn't reward this masterpiece with 5 stars. I like its retrosound so much, it can give you warmth and presence together. If you plug your soundcard to a good amplifier/speaker, swit�ch your monitor off and start playing on a real keyboard (i.e. not clicking with your mouse here and there) you can easily forget you are using a softsynth. I LOVE THIS MASTERPIECE!
cametan Jul 24 2013
(0 / 5)
Jul 24 2013
Trying to use it through a MIDI sequencer named DOMINO, this VSTi's bank would be accidentally changed, keep sounding and cannot stop. Maybe the MIDI setting up process doesn't work properly inside this VSTi.Pity.
Cesar Jun 17 2013
(5 / 5)
Jun 17 2013
It's good for making g funck music, it's cool.
STVRSZ Nov 04 2011
(5 / 5)
Nov 04 2011
Very close and looks beautiful! Someone remind me why electrostudio is free again?
Niklas Mar 31 2011
(5 / 5)
Mar 31 2011
Sounds really good, but DO NOT USE THIS VST in cakewalk! It crashes the whole program.
Niklas May 08 2012
May 08 2012
After the upgrade to the cakewalk X1 has arrived so it works perfectly. A damn good VST instrument. I love it! A VST that you must have! A fantastic VST synth!
Joe Mar 16 2011
(5 / 5)
Mar 16 2011
Awesome VST.. Use it ALL THE TIME!
Mandrak Mar 02 2011
(4 / 5)
Mar 02 2011
très intéressant. De bons sons de lead surtout.
Lullus Jul 25 2010
(5 / 5)
Jul 25 2010
GREAT!!!!! A must have!
musicproductor2 May 08 2012
May 08 2012
yeah it's good. Great a nuts have!!