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KX-SYNTH-X16 is a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer.
  • 3 variable shape oscillators,tweaked to simulate the color and bandwidth of Vcs3's oscillators.
  • 16*16 pin matrix with feedback connections.
  • LP filter, 18 db per octave with self oscillating.
  • Noise generator with EQ.
  • Ring modulation.
  • 2 external inputs (only available with the FX version).
  • XY joystick.
  • Polyphony up to 6 voices.
  • Total control of the polyphony features with the extended KXMOD system.
  • Each voice can be controlled with RELATIVE parameters (KXMOD).
  • Analog sequencer (CV & gate) with a memory of 256 CV and 256 gates, files saved on disk, 2 accent lines, random clock, keyboard input to transpose or to reccord the CV...
  • Mini knobs to adjust each matrix modulation, 0 to 1.
  • Modern skin with notepad and variable color background.
  • Html help file.
  • You can adjust the response curve of the oscillators.
  • The original ASR (trapezoid) is extended to 2 ADSR with Attack Reset mode, Host and internal sequencer synchronization.
  • Delay fx with host synchronization and lfo modulation. It replaces the original spring reverb.
  • LFO, Sample & Hold and third ADSR envelope added (monophonic modulations), they can replace the external inputs (In1, In2).
  • Keyboard scalers.
  • X Y matrix Midi controllers.
  • Full Midi Learn.
  • Velocity  to  envelope  segments, cut off and volume.
  • Midi in splitter.
  • Omni Midi output to control external monophonic instruments and build polyphonic ensemble, each instrument is one voice...
  • Sequencer Midi ouput.
  • 128 KX's presets:35 polyphonic instruments, 20 unison presets, 36 monophonic presets (v 1.04), 23 sequencer demos, 14 tutorial and initialization presets.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Jul 25 2022
Jul 25 2022
Probably this is king of the hill from Synthedit! I wish I could donate to Claudia. Class act like other French with a lot of technological knowledge writing in English. The old monophonic v1.04 could still be used too. The v4 is usable on Linux with Wine! I also have v7 but yuck, the hybrid plug-in file and a smattering of images, text files and stuff. I don't care about "VCS3 clone", use hardware if you like that thing so much. This synth could be difficult to adjust at times and sometimes doesn't respond to joystick modulations as accurately as I would like. It's tricky to make use of unison, cycling and MIDI velocity. Get a computer with quad-core CPU or "Intel i7" equivalent to use more than one instance of this, even playing one note at a time. Building anything with Synthedit v1.4 could become a giant mess that cannot be fixed and that's why some developers from the previous two decades are retiring.
Liu Feb 04 2016
(4 / 5)
Feb 04 2016
Not a 'real' modular but a synth with a matrix taking inspiration from a VCS3. You can appreciate a lot of work an effort has been put into it. 3 different versions to choose from: Mono, Poly and FX. I found Poly still a bit heavy on CPU. Intended or not by its maker, the FX version in Podium free was detected only as an FX rather than a synth with an input or both a synth & FX at the same time.
levin Mar 31 2013
(5 / 5)
Mar 31 2013
This one is really great! Definitly not the usual stuff, serious possibilities. Thank you!
STVRSZ Nov 16 2011
(5 / 5)
Nov 16 2011
With the external input, this this is amazing. Thanks Xavier Kalensky for this and the Omni series. They are truly excellent.
nico Dec 03 2010
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Dec 03 2010
Excellent !!!