by superwave
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Over 40 years old, the Stylophone pocket synthesizer made popular by David Bowie (Space Oddity) is now available in VSTi.

The Stylophone is a monophonic synthesizer with one sound only, with the option to add vibrato enhancement. The Stylophone VSTi has a sample based oscillator using samples recorded from an original Stylophone, not the modern reproduction model.  All samples were recorded using a high quality microphone from the Stylophone speaker output for the most accurate sounding emulation.

  • 1 Sample Oscillator.
  • Samples: 20 Multi-Samples (Looped sample for each key).
  • Waveforms: Saw.
  • 1 Amplifier.
  • Responce Curve: Exponential.
  • 1 Envelope.
  • Fixed Values: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.
Low Frequency Oscillators:
  • 1 LFO.
  • Waveforms: Sine.
  • Controls: Vibrato.
Other Features:
  • Monophonic operation.
  • On/Off switch.
  • 2 high quality presets.
Daniel Jun 25 2021
(3 / 5)
Jun 25 2021
I achieved a nice effect by using two of these and hard panning them with vibrato enabled on only one of the two. People hating on this one inspired me to try it and it not bad for what it is! Solid 3
Karl Jan 14 2020
(4 / 5)
Jan 14 2020
Put it in my cheezy lofi stuff I have all that stuff in Lite Live 8...
RM kops Oct 17 2019
(3 / 5)
Oct 17 2019
Thanks :)
HateStylophones Feb 27 2017
Feb 27 2017
I was a small child when the original stylophones came out - and they were HORRIBLE... why would anyone in this day and age want that nasty sound? it made a terrible nasty noise, which sometimes makes the wonderful "Space Oddity" hard to listen to. Bowie didn't learn his lesson and used it on "After All" on "Man Who Sold The World" album, after which he came to his senses and never used the nasty POC again.
BigTruffle Jun 13 2019
Jun 13 2019
I disagree, anything Bowie put his hand to was pure genius....
Idea Feb 05 2022
Feb 05 2022
The special thing of this instrument is not the sound, but the slide effect with the pen. However, I myself imitate the Stylophone with a "TAL-Bassline"-VST and a step-by-step input of notes via my DAW. This way I can then vary the sound as much as I want.
herbert van weinerschnitzel Mar 16 2014
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Mar 16 2014
"All samples were recorded using a high quality microphone from the Stylophone speaker output for the most accurate sounding emulation." ONE DOES NOT MIC A SPEAKER WHILE CREATING A PLUGIN! This plug in is a P.O.S. to the nth degree!
HateStylophones Mar 15 2018
Mar 15 2018
I Agree!! The speaker on the stylophone units are terrible. horrible instrument.. should be outlawed.
l911 Mar 22 2011
(0 / 5)
Mar 22 2011
sounds terible, don't download
ultimatenerd22 Jan 14 2011
(2 / 5)
Jan 14 2011
it's ok, but the sound was just in my left channel
videosonix May 27 2010
(4 / 5)
May 27 2010
Excellent sound. I played Telstar about a dozen times!