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This is a simple time synced multi tap delay.
  • Pre-delay: This is the level of the dry signal that passes through the RRL3.
  • Taps 1-4: There are 4 taps each of which produce a single delay prior to being passed on to Delay Line 1. Each tap has a control for the level of the tap, the synced note length and the balance (i.e. the pan of the tap within the stereo field)
  • Delay line 1: This process the signal after the taps
  • Master: Contains the master level and pan control for the delay line
  • Delay section: Contains controls for the note length of the delay line delay, the feedback in the delay line signal and an on/off switch.
  • Filter section: allows you to apply a filter to the delay signal. Four types of filter are available, low pass,high pass, band pass and band reject. If you raise the resonance things can get pretty crazy. Watch out for self oscillation!
  • LFO section allows control over the cut-off and resonanc eof the filter and the pan of the delay line. the controls are pretty selft explanatory. The period of the LFO cycle can be synced to the number of bars shown in the selector for each LFO.
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Aug 22 2019