P-600 II
by EFM
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The P-600 II is an emulation of the SCI Prophet 600.

Some useful sounds Nov 20 2015
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Nov 20 2015
Useful synth. For those who have problems with sound not stopping, go through all ARP modes, it stops the sound... Bug, probably.
Jared Sep 29 2023
Sep 29 2023
cametan Jul 12 2014
Jul 12 2014
As Mr. Chaz Mania implies, P-600 II doesn't react to any MIDI signals, even though we use a VSTHOST or a SAVIHOST. It may have an internal programming mistake against MIDI signals.
Chaz Mania Jun 19 2011
Jun 19 2011
Midi channel? really what is the trick here? i see midi in my program but many of the plugins do not respond to my midi i try every channel and nothing.. some plugs just fine this one you cant even set the channel? uggg
Ghekorg7 Apr 26 2012
Apr 26 2012
Check your Midi gear. I use it inside Reaper and VST Host (Seib) with no problems. Just assign any midi channel from host to it :-). Also you can use Hermann Seib's Savihost x86 and have it as a standalone instrument on your desktop !
Ghekorg7 May 17 2010
(5 / 5)
May 17 2010
Another great synth. I still have the original with its presets in cassette tape(!!), but I got this one too 'cause is so close to the original and can have these sounds inside my Host/multitracker/Seq and get to work !