by 8digiARTS
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Classic reverb use 16 parameters to adjust the delay frequencies in the "Room" and "Damp" parameters.
  • 32 internal slots for presets
Nathan Jan 03 2022
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Jan 03 2022
Caused Cakewalk to crash. not usable in that DAW
darko Feb 19 2020
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Feb 19 2020
My best "mystery reverb". When you just gotta change the sound, soften the edges of a track before more specific tweaking, 8X lets you dial in quick. And in often stays in place for me. A good tool to have.
Francis Z Kemah Jr Aug 30 2017
Aug 30 2017
It is very easy to use. Works out well for me through my works
Anonymous Sept 08 2011
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Sept 08 2011
the volume is significantly reduced when using this reverb. i also found it to sound a bit too metalicky for my tastes