by 8digiARTS
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The easy way to share your samples in a VSTi plugin !

This sampler allows to change the background, so you can use your own logo on it making easy the redistribution of samples, sound banks, etc. in a unique and personalized way.
  • Allow to load up to 49 samples in the internal bank
  • ADSR Amp
  • Tremolo
  • Low pass Cut filter
Anonymous Oct 11 2015
Oct 11 2015
Doesnt work in reaper. Nowhere to upload wav files.
numa Sept 03 2013
Sept 03 2013
Hi, I customize the samples with the specs of 44100/wav/stereo... but the sampler won't play them full, it cuts at 1 second or so... I tried with all knob.combinations... so? hacedordeleyes[at]
bill Dec 27 2010
(2 / 5)
Dec 27 2010
mmm worth to be tried