by Opulent Audio
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Versatile 3 Oscillator LO-FI synthesizer.

Not an emulation of any particular chip, it's much more powerful than that. bLO-FIsh incorporates classic chip type (8 bit) sounds with more traditional synth elements to bring on a huge sonic range. Flexible, extensive modulation plus a 16-step gate for more musical and rhythmic options. Plus, bLO-FIsh has a distortion effect and a CPU-friendly reverb to garnish your 8 bit feast.

  • 3 Wave Oscillators with Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Square and two different widths of Pulse waves.
  • Audio quality is switchable between standard, 16 bit/44 khz operation and 8 bit/22 khz LO-FI mode.
  • Graphic amplitude ADSRs.
  • Output routing options to either filter, both filters, or no filter (straight to effects section).
  • Hard sync feedback loop - each oscillator hard syncs to the next and #3 syncs to #1.

  • 2 Fast-response SV Filters with Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Band Reject modes.
  • Graphic ADSRs routable to cutoff, resonance, or both. Control over amount of envelope applied
  • Pan and volume controls.
  • Filters operate on a parallel basis (they are independent of each other).

Effects section:
  • CheapoDisto - no frills distortion device.
  • Efficient reverb unit. Normal, gated and freeze modes.

Modulation devices:
  • 2 Tempo-synced LFOs with wave modification options (shaping, folding).
  • 1 Free LFO, 2 - Graphic ADSRs (modulation also possible from velocity, aftertouch and mod wheel).
  • 16 step Trance style gate, synced to tempo. Mixes independently with all 3 Oscillators.
  • 6 slot Modulation Matrix with 10 selectable sources and 69 selectable targets, user defined.
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1pizzaboi Mar 15 2019
(0 / 5)
Mar 15 2019
This plugin is trash, not only is the sound low quality but it will crash your daw if you aren't careful.
mantronic Feb 13 2012
Feb 13 2012
good free synth for experimental
nba54 Jul 28 2010
(2 / 5)
Jul 28 2010
it's a demo, it's not really free
Anonymous Jul 29 2010
Jul 29 2010
Serial number info is in the zip file