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Keywriter reproduce the sounds of the German typewriter Erika.

Can be used as a unusual rhythm machine, and as a tool for special effects.
  • Full range of typewriter sounds.
  • Stereo control.
  • Drive control.
  • Low CPU usage.
РАЯ Aug 18 2019
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Aug 18 2019
На сайтах ещё есть звуки швейной машинки!
Vilhelm Moerschbacher Jul 15 2018
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Jul 15 2018
Well, just downloaded and tested this. Sounds like an old-school typewriter. No issues. Sounds neat. Will be a permanent addition to my sound fx collection. Great Job Knobster!!!
Made in China Nov 03 2017
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Nov 03 2017
Waste of time. As others have commented, this error appears: "Soundfont Oscillator Can't load keywriter.sf2"
JopisJanlin Feb 20 2017
Feb 20 2017
Janis Joplin made a demo tape around 1965 on which one of the participents used a typewriter to create the rhythm because they didn't have percussion to hand and this was a "home recording". But her typewriter worked - sounds like this VST typewriter does not :(
Friko B. Jan 24 2015
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Jan 24 2015
Doesn't work; needs to be fixed.
Anonymous May 12 2012
May 12 2012
It don't work in Fl Studio 10 also
Square Jun 02 2011
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Jun 02 2011
Doesn't even work. What a waste.. tried it on Music Creator, Cubase, and Logic Pro. PS: Working on creating a Typewriter VST for any programe.. No hassles.
zmoney May 27 2011
May 27 2011
it wouldn't load the soundfont. bummer this could be really cool if it worked
Spaniard Sept 12 2010
Sept 12 2010
It says it can't load the soundfont file... Where is it?
pu�etazo moskita muerte Jun 09 2010
(4 / 5)
Jun 09 2010
Hopefully this one will be the thing that helps me with exploring and developing in a way of bring light to innovative music that could be usefull for a music backdrop in a or for another projects such as music well so on and so on,now you name it,dude ! Refreshing up beats and innovate the music of today, so anyway thanks for the vst, dude ! Laterz !
ttt Jan 13 2018
Jan 13 2018
Here we are 8 years later... No soundfont....I guess you'll just have to mic up that old Smith Corona instead.
Charles Barkley Jul 05 2019
Jul 05 2019
Just tested it an it now works, maybe they updated it or something?