by Cyclick
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Drumkit is based on a drum sampler with 6 sample slots, with a maximum modulation and filtering.

Take care: modulation directly affects the CPU load.
darkmaster Jun 23 2020
Jun 23 2020
YoungJerry Aug 23 2012
(2 / 5)
Aug 23 2012
I think this Vst is great you just have to tune it more for better result with panning Good luck
Heavens-Funk Dec 27 2010
Dec 27 2010
load a mono plugin to the channel it is liked to. Panning problem solved.
Cody T Dec 04 2010
Dec 04 2010
record different drums on different tracks, pan, mix down after you got it all sounding good and then you have one track for drums, takes more time sure. then again why dont we just record real drums, cuz thats a bitch too lol
Anonymous Aug 30 2010
Aug 30 2010
Tobi May 26 2010
(5 / 5)
May 26 2010
Great sounds on this vst, but like Alienart, i have trouble with the hole panning thing, unless i did every sound of a different track but that would take to long :S
Alienart May 24 2010
(2 / 5)
May 24 2010
The sample slots seem to be defaulted to various pan positions. A bass drum to the hard left does me no good. If there is a way to change the panning, I couldn't find it. Maybe you will have better luck.