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The MS2Synth is a Vsti freeware inspired by the KORG MS2000R expander.

What I have used from this inspiration is the use of ever more modulation ...  Basically I made this plugin to make more living samples that can evolve over time. It's my KORG MS2000R that put me on the way to create a VSTi with a modulation section, somewhat similar sound but also a little more powerfull because the MS2000 is not punchy enough for my taste .
Analymus Oct 15 2019
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Oct 15 2019
It's NOT monophonic. One has to switch off the monophonic mode button to make it polyphonic. However, this synth from 2006 has only two patches, which aren't very impressive, but Kujaschi at music-society has made a bank with very nice sounds.
Anonymous Oct 17 2011
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Oct 17 2011
uh, not like the ms2000 at all, it's monophonic. apparently doesn't even have standard waveforms to choose from. you have to draw them all yrself, they're spectral, not standard, maybe it's a nice synth for what it does. but it doesn't do hardly anything the ms200 does.
faderlikesit Apr 03 2010
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Apr 03 2010
if you want Korg MS2000R sound then buy Korg MS2000R. if, like me, you have litlle or no money, then buy this. Now, will someone tell me, when are they coming out with free version of Korg Legacy Collection?