SuperRiff Guitar
by SuperRiff
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SuperRiff Guitar contains a set of custom distorted electric guitar note samples.

At present SRG contains only 1 soundbank of samples. Each note on a keyboard from E1 to D5 can trigger three different guitar sample types depending on which one of 3 velocity values is triggered. (47 samples per type, 141 samples in total ).
  • Palm-muted single notes.
  • Open string single notes
  • Vibrated single notes.
blackburst Feb 18 2023
(5 / 5)
Feb 18 2023
Thanks! I really wish there were more virtual instruments like this one. This particular guitar type of sound i really like and even though i could afford to buy an actual guitar, they are way too expensive and difficult to travel with. but my computer DAW fits in my backpack. I really needed these exact kinds of sounds at my keyboardist fingertips, so thanks so much! Good implementation. As for lower notes, some could be implemented at the edit/mix/dsp phase in a DAW but as a construct instead of a performance. if for some hybrid musical styles, that's 100% acceptable, especially for some certain sample-friendly styles (such as old-school industrial). Cultural memory of classic industrial is currently (2023) in it's amnesia phase, but those of us who still remember know how awesome KMFDM/MDFMK type of sounds can be when paired with sparse drum machine beats and decent intellect. Peace be unto the honorable KMFDM/MDFMK and Germany in general. :)
Polter Sep 10 2022
(4 / 5)
Sep 10 2022
Unless you own the full version of Kontakt and can download Shreddage from impact soundworks, this is about as close to a realistic electric guitar you'll get for free. I'd stay away from "Full" and "Vibrato", though, because they make it sound really synthetic. The palm muted notes I was actually really impressed with and it's worth a download just for that honestly.
juan Jul 10 2022
(4 / 5)
Jul 10 2022
Sounds pretty cool, specially for a free plugin. Does have minor issues though such as the notes not going low enough and the length cutting off in one guitar. Otherwise pretty good.
skintech Aug 20 2020
(5 / 5)
Aug 20 2020
Super Riff is the most realistic sounding electric guitar vst i have ever heard. goes great with MT Power drum kit, both free.
Phill Jun 14 2020
(5 / 5)
Jun 14 2020
For a free VST, this is great! You've got to know the limitations, but with the right effects this sounds very good. As for people wanting lower notes, it goes down to the lowest note on a standard 6 string guitar tuning. The sound quality would be compromised stretching notes into a lower scale.
John Feb 23 2020
(3 / 5)
Feb 23 2020
Good for Demos.
Anonymous Feb 20 2020
Feb 20 2020
I really wish it could play lower notes
Dak Dec 27 2019
Dec 27 2019
I would rate this much higher if I could get lower notes.
Kumud nag Aug 09 2019
Aug 09 2019
Jetiki bhala setiki khorap..... tathapi mu bahuta khushi, Dhanyabad.
Anonymous Jan 16 2016
Jan 16 2016
I like it. I only wish it came with a lower key registry for the deeper notes
Tony Vieira Nov 19 2015
Nov 19 2015
Achei este plug-in muito legal e vale a pena!
Crokey May 14 2014
(3 / 5)
May 14 2014
Bon vst gratuit, surtout pour la sourdine (muted) qui est assez bien fait. Dommage pour le reste, et dommage que l'on ne puisse pas aller jusqu'au Ré le plus grave(puisqu'il s'arr�te à Mi). Mais c'est déjà pas mal, en gros. Combiner avec le vst DVS guitar ne serait pas trop mal je pense... Donc un bon VST, mais à améliorer encore.
Yuri Jan 16 2013
(3 / 5)
Jan 16 2013
3 out of 5. The open guitar tone is not as good as I expected (specially after watching a demo on youtube). But the muted kicks ass! Reached some pretty good results combining the SuperRiff with GuitarRig5.
Morgan Dec 06 2011
(5 / 5)
Dec 06 2011
Yes the mean issue is that it's a free VST. And i've been using it a lot. The sound of muted distorted guitar really works very good. Sounds like of Green Day or Ramones can be easely made. There is one setting, that i don't like called the full setting.
hathi Sept 09 2011
(4 / 5)
Sept 09 2011
Not bad at all. I expected it to be much worse. Muted especially is quite usable.
GuillexWin Sept 05 2010
(5 / 5)
Sept 05 2010
realmente esta aplicacion vtsi esta sarpada en buena, very cool!!!
dan Jul 02 2013
Jul 02 2013
Si esta exelente, y la verdad es la unica que e encontrado de guitarra electrica free es lo mejor.
Boredmuso Feb 26 2010
(1 / 5)
Feb 26 2010
Difficult to think of a reason to download this when there are much,much better free vsti's on this site.
eb Nov 30 2009
(4 / 5)
Nov 30 2009
not bad for a freebie, i wish the notes could be held longer but other than that its not bad