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Dubb Box is a virtual tape delay, loosely modelled on my venerable Roland Space Echo.

Does a fairly good job of emulating the tape saturation, unpredictability and wild self-oscillation of the real deal. Features main echo and 'second-tapehead' sub-echoes, as well as adjustable vintageness (tape hiss, motor inertia, tape and motor age).
K Oct 25 2022
(5 / 5)
Oct 25 2022
Not as snappy (slapback) when set at a fast delay but sounds quite good for long and spacey delay. Btw you should check out the v2 of this tape delay by searching the arcdev plugin pack on music society (you'll need an account though) where it has a few changes and added features such as a effects mix, ms/beat delay time, oh and a mono reverb which can be set on pre/post (not a spring reverb sound but sounds like a room)
d... Jul 23 2019
Jul 23 2019
it loads ok for me, but no sound comes out. you can see input coming into the plugin, but nothing comes out. the other arcDev delay works ok tho...
Mr. Noodle Feb 12 2018
(5 / 5)
Feb 12 2018
Really good tape echo! I think it will be better, when there was a build spring reverb as in original Space Echo.
Matt Sept 11 2017
Sept 11 2017
Hi! It's very good vst, but please make it into 64 bit version, because Ableton do not see it and I would like to use it in this DAW. In Fl Studio it was working very good!
Snufkin Aug 17 2017
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Aug 17 2017
6p5p May 26 2016
(5 / 5)
May 26 2016
Hey, thank you all folks who developed this! It sounds amazing, so similar to the Roland tape echo that my father was using in the 80s, I was helping him with the PA back then and loved it. Awsome old Echo sound, still my favourite! Bless you all and thanks for sharing!
Mista Dec 20 2015
Dec 20 2015
Nice plugin! Is there any possibility to map the controls to my Akai LPD8?
DubTec Aug 24 2015
(4 / 5)
Aug 24 2015
Sound is damn good. It's free but has to be jbridged on 64bit DAW's. Running smoothly on Win7 and Studio One Pro 3 64bit. Cannot understand those negative comments. I guess those people have never heard a real tape echo in their life before. Pretty good emulation.
Mozart Sept 23 2014
(2 / 5)
Sept 23 2014
very bad sound!
arcmusic Nov 18 2013
(5 / 5)
Nov 18 2013
Nice sounding delay, adds a good vibe. Don't forget about the 'hiss' knob...
Denis Aug 11 2013
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Aug 11 2013
From manual: "The Dubb Box is not for nice, clean delay effects - use it for grimy,unpredictable dub echos and feedback." I thought that sound quality could be better, but I should read the manual before using it :)
Cina Sept 14 2012
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Sept 14 2012
Just love this Dubb box but since my PC is windows 7 and nuendo 4 it doesn't work anymore. I'm in pain does anyone knows what to do??? Thanks
LANIGuitaristProducer Nov 18 2011
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Nov 18 2011
bad sound. very bad delay
Joe frost Jun 09 2011
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Jun 09 2011
I like this... this comes closer to a real tape unit.. On my mac i use 3 ring circuits Echolux It's not free but it's one of the more authentic sounding echos modeled after the echoplex more then the Roland.. but This one is fantastic for my PC. great job and thanks