Sidechain Gate
by Slim Slow Slider
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Sidechain Gate is a simple sidechain gate with 2 stereo inputs.

Second input is for the key input so it requires a VST host with flexible routing possibilities.
Jon Sep 14 2021
(4 / 5)
Sep 14 2021
Does anyone know where you can get this developers plug-ins nowadays? His/hers/their website is gone and this is the only plug-in here P4F. I would really love to have the LinearPhaseGraphicEQ!
plugins4free Sep 14 2021
Sep 14 2021
You can go there for now : Will add all plugins soon. Thanks!
RashaMatt Jun 14 2014
Jun 14 2014
Crashes Ableton Live 9 x32 upon VST scanning (running in Win8 x64)
Da1LikeDamaja Apr 11 2014
(1 / 5)
Apr 11 2014
Crashes Ableton when scanning the VST folder. Tested in multiple versions, multiple operating systems. Legit copy of Ableton. Tried older and newer versions of the plugin.
yo Nov 20 2012
(2 / 5)
Nov 20 2012
ive used these guys products but could never get a second input into it (trigger)