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Spaceman  make your vocals sound like from outer space, telephone, transistor radio...

It has a filter section, an OffSound section to simulate a radio transmission unit, a noise section and an overdrive section for signal distortion. Inspired by Bomb Factory (TM) Cosmonaut Voice (TM).
cyber_T Jul 13 2019
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Jul 13 2019
Really, it´s a nice tool for (experimental) lofi- voices, which sit very good in many electro- style mixes! The only negative point: Maybe I don´t get it but there is nearly a 15 dB signal attenuation, also if you max the output volume...
Alibi Apr 30 2014
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Apr 30 2014
Nice handy tool
nice Jan 27 2010
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Jan 27 2010
goes great with sony Acid Music Studio 7.0, If you know of any free VST Plugins that go with sony Acis Music Studio 7.0, Please let me know or email link to Thanks You, Great Pluggin.
THANX MAN! Jul 22 2015
Jul 22 2015
It's a simple but usefull tool, you are the best man.