by ndc Plugs
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Win32 OSX
ndcTrem+ is a simple tremolo / auto-panner plugin that allows tempo-sync.
Toli Jul 20 2016
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Jul 20 2016
On Windows XP with Sound Forge 8 works fine. On Windows 7 on the Sine setting it has a lots of clips. Any one knows hot to fix this?
TohtoriZorro Apr 13 2014
Apr 13 2014
Just what I was searching for. Everything seems to be working just fine except the sine oscillator mode. Tried the plugin with Reaper and if the sine mode is on and the depth slider is anything but zero, then reaper automaticly mutes the channel since the plugin seems to output some insanely loud signal (after unmuting the channel the reading on the meter is > +100dB.. Glad to hear if someone has a fix for this!