by Buzzroom
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GeneComp is a generic digital linear compressor.
Госконтроль Aug 17 2021
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Aug 17 2021
Почему нет контроля "сжатия"?
BLVCKMAFIA Apr 22 2020
(5 / 5)
Apr 22 2020
Great pulg-in for everyone
johndohh Jan 28 2014
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Jan 28 2014
I was so pleased to find a compressor that had an auto release feature but it was a real let down.. The attack just didn't cut it compared to many other compressors also not being able to manually type the amounts needed was rather annoying as you have to very carefully turn the dials to get the precision required :(
UniForce Jan 18 2014
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Jan 18 2014
This has the same awesome results as a multiband compressor. But this little friend didn't eat my cpu. This is great for people with slow computers. My computer is pretty fast but I noticed a big difference.