by E-phonic
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RetroDelay has the character and sound of a vintage delay unit.

But it features many modern options. It also can produce modulation, chorus, flanger and phaser effects.
  • Independent left and right channel delay lines.
  • BPM synced or manual times (up to 6 seconds).
  • Forwards or backwards delays.
  • X-feedback.
  • Ping-pong delays.
  • 1 feedback pass, there will always be 1 feedback.
  • Optional negative feedback for phaser/flanger effects.
  • Optional short delay times for phaser/flanger effects.
  • Integrated automatic limiter.
  • 2 BPM synced LFO's 1 modulates filter cutoff, the other the delay time (only available for forwards delay).
  • 4 LFO modes, sine, triangle, ramp, envelope follower.
  • LFO, left/right channel inverse options.
  • 24dB/oct resonant filter placed in the feedback path.
  • Switchable lowpass, bandpass, highpass, lowshelf and highshelf mode.
  • Saturation.
  • Saturate and limit parameters.
  • 2 different types.
  • Old-school spring reverb.
  • Size, color and mix parameters.
  • Optional mono mode.
  • Fade out option, when using high feedback setings.
  • Fade out time parameter.
  • Pitchbend wheel, for smooth delay time changes.
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sobble Feb 15 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 15 2022
I was very impressed by this vst. Usually with delays I find that they can be either too complicated and confusing or basic and underwhelming but this one has a great balance of usability and complexity. I personally like to have my delays be long, bouncy, and distorted and this delay is amazing for that. I'm really a fan of being able change the left and right sides independently of each other and with the ability to switch between the dotted, triplets, and normal modes. This is ideal for the type of music I like producing (dub, idm, synth-y stuff). great job !
Koviak Mar 21 2018
Mar 21 2018
I don't leave many reviews for anything, but considering the use I've gotten from this, I am compelled. This was my go-to delay for a few years, the default delay on the send bus in my mixer snapshots in Nuendo. Very usable, and the parameters are well thought out. For one, you get straight delays, ping-pong, and any sort of syncopation you can think of. But its filter and modulation really make this a stand out plugin. The modulation's got a couple standard wave-forms, and also the possibility to use the inputs envelope. You can mod the delay time as well as the lo-pass filter. Then its got its saturation section, either digital or analog. This extends the delay time while adding lots of harmonic content. With high saturation amounts and resonance on the filter you can get the delay to self-oscillate. At the end you got a basic reverb with color, size and mono-stereo select. All that combined, the sound is quite evocative; lots of character, its really very cool, a must! And surprised [and thankful] its still free.
Bastiaan de Jong Apr 05 2017
Apr 05 2017
A combination of these possibilities is very rare in a vst: ping-pong, enough synced delay times to setup, a good filter with resonance which feeds back into the delay. This one has it all! Perfect! I love a subtle resonating filtered sound feeding back. Definitely a must have. There are more advanced and/or payed vst's out there that can do this but they take too much cpu for a simple delay. There isn't a width knob in this vst but usually this can be done in your DAW. I like the ping-pong effect to be around 80% on the left and on the right channel. I personally like to add a seperate subtle reverb vst after it. The reverb in this plugin responds to the input.
TJ Jun 29 2016
(5 / 5)
Jun 29 2016
You can spend a lot of Time with this Plugin and it's a fun to create with it very very nice and vintage-sounding Presets !
T.E. Jun 24 2011
(5 / 5)
Jun 24 2011
Questo delay è semplicemente spettacolare!
Tony Oct 10 2010
(4 / 5)
Oct 10 2010
This is a crazy thing! I find it a bit complicated to use because you have so many different controls, but I really like the sound, warm and organic.