by Elogoxa
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Elottronix emulates the famous Robert Fripp's effect called "Frippertronics": Two Revox B-77 making a continuous loop.
  • 2-8 seconds delay
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Apr 28 2021
GOOD, u never know what u'll get out of it......avoid adding long track to it, as it has an endless delay function....and ur sound will turn mayonaise de dijon.... MAYONAISE is not a good musical effect, but the plugin is good on little short simple sounds...
Anonymous Apr 05 2021
Apr 05 2021
Make sure to use a limiter.
Alejandro Motta Oct 09 2016
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Oct 09 2016
Loving this maicomic plugin
Super Fata May 06 2012
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May 06 2012
This is exelent for Frippertronix/Brian Eno-esqe delay tasks.
drrn Jul 27 2011
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Jul 27 2011
I love Elottronix. It does one thing, Frippertronics, and it does it beautifully. I tend to use it when recording improvised guitar ambient/drone. The "XL" version is nice as well but quite a good deal more complicated.
worn808 Feb 17 2010
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Feb 17 2010
I've used this a few times. For me it is rather complicated to use. I'll have to look and see if there is a "user's manual" included with the file. I tend to run across cool settings by random experimentation.