by Glen Stegner
4.1 / 5     (62 votes)
Based on ARP's legendary semi-modular analog monosynth! This amazing softsynth sounds very close to the original ARP 2600.

Like the original, it's a monosynth (no polyphony). But, also like the original, it has a multitude of Frequency Modulation options which enable it to create some truly awesome sound effects. PWM, Sample & Hold, virtual Spring Reverb, Ring Modulation, and a dedicated Noise Generator are all there! Also, there are some things even the original Arp 2600 didn't have, like Oscillator Sync and Filter Color (to adjust between LowPass and HiPass filter types). Most important of all, beginning with version 2.0 the Arppe2600va is now completely patchable via a cleverly designed Mod Matrix! You can have up to 12 patch routings with a very user-friendly (and visible!) drop-down menu interface, instead of messy virtual patch cables cluttering up the screen. All controls are mapped to MIDI CC#'s, and you can override the default settings by using the MIDI Learn feature.
Bob Angelo Aug 08 2022
(5 / 5)
Aug 08 2022
Was Glen Stehner working for Elektrostudio ? It look like an Elektrostudio VST, anyway it is really high quality. But... there is no cables everywhere... is it a plus (it does'nt cover everithing and renders the buttons difficult to reach) or is it a minus (does'nt look as cool as the real thing, or VSTs such as Arthuria Moog Modular or Kamizooba) ? Nontheless, despite the lack of visible cables, the modular connections are there. Good presets. Very good filter who can sound quite smooth or quite agressive. The Midi learn does'nt work for me, but it can recieve CCs if the "MIDIControllers.txt" in the "00" folder is editer (the CC list is generously given by the author).
toothfairy Aug 02 2022
Aug 02 2022
How do you record with this? The 'File' option just says 'exit', no option to save as like on the Minimouge
A-GRADE Oct 24 2021
(5 / 5)
Oct 24 2021
Hi all. I've used this plugin, and to be honest its quite GOOD. I'ts made for EDM music in my opinion and ill definetly use it in my projets. Not much to say. It's a good and light plugin to use, and I recomend it. !!! PEACE !!!
Jungston Nov 08 2020
(2 / 5)
Nov 08 2020
Sound design seems pretty good, especially for a free plugin, but no init preset is a "no thanks" from me. GUI is miniscule at modern resolutions and can't be rescaled, and patching is done through a mod matrix (with almost-illegible text due to the tiny size) rather than (admittedly not the easiest to program) drag-and-drops.
John Oct 17 2020
(5 / 5)
Oct 17 2020
Very good & fun too!
AM Aug 03 2018
(5 / 5)
Aug 03 2018
Another Classic! I hope this one will be updated to 64-bit too.
functionform Jul 20 2018
(5 / 5)
Jul 20 2018
I have this and the Arturia 2600V. Honestly I like the presets from this more. It has more immediate grit and character to it. The Arturia version can get there from the Templates menu, but they design their presets (in general) to be very characterless easy on the ears stuff. If you like classic synths, this is a great sound piece of software that should find its way into your collection.
Mato Jun 21 2018
(5 / 5)
Jun 21 2018
Nice sound!
Erisian Oct 31 2017
(4 / 5)
Oct 31 2017
I love the quirky old Arps and this one is so much fun to play with.
functionform Sept 26 2017
(5 / 5)
Sept 26 2017
Using this to great effect. 4 stars seems low.
psychonaut25 Jul 28 2017
(3 / 5)
Jul 28 2017
My only issue so far is that the parameters don't respond to automation clips in FL Studio 10. I've tried many different ways to set up automation clips and none of them work. Other than that, it has amazing sound and in many ways sounds better than the Arturia version, but I'm still very frustrated with this automation thing.
DKwalker Nov 29 2017
Nov 29 2017
if automatization doesn't work with a click of a mouse then try to tweak any knob that u need to work with. After that don't touch any other knobs and go to TOOLS, then LAST TWEAKED and CREATE AUTOMATIZATION CLIP, cheers.
Chrys Feb 16 2017
(3 / 5)
Feb 16 2017
Super cool sounds but makes my DAW (Cubase 5) crash regularly
thor Nov 02 2015
(5 / 5)
Nov 02 2015
Terrible! Fonctionne sous Magix Samp Studio 16.
maicoo Mar 12 2014
(5 / 5)
Mar 12 2014
Best modular in his category.
antonio culler Mar 09 2014
(5 / 5)
Mar 09 2014
This is the best, thanks guys.
Techoh Oct 12 2013
(5 / 5)
Oct 12 2013
Wow! This is truly amazing! I've been looking literally everywhere across the web to find something like this! I'm new to this kind of stuff, but I'm sure that when I figure out how everything works, this will be awesome!
chivotronik Sept 29 2013
Sept 29 2013
Es el mejor de su epoca, me encanta sus sonidos sus leads y sus pads, no hay mejor arppe, thanks.
Gazvtec Jun 19 2013
(3 / 5)
Jun 19 2013
This is brilliant! But does anyone know how to record the sounds and save to a .wav file or the like as per MiniMogueVA?
RN Jul 20 2017
Jul 20 2017
When you make your whole song then go to file and extract then click .wav and start it, you will get your file in .wav file
Anonymous May 16 2013
(4 / 5)
May 16 2013
Very, very cool synth, just the things could be more realistic (of the 2600), there's a lot of extra things, but cool, far one of the bests emulators !
SteveM Feb 20 2013
(5 / 5)
Feb 20 2013
Fantastic Synth! Runs as VST or Standalone. Interface and Sounds are STELLAR! Nice Job! I use Arturia (all of them) but I also use this in mixes. Sounds a little different, and that is a good thing! 100% reccomend this Synth!
mendj Mar 08 2012
Mar 08 2012
Se usa para aplicar el efecto Compresor a su audio.
STVRSZ Nov 04 2011
Nov 04 2011
This was the first VST I discovered after I had sold all of my analog gear ten years prior, so I am a bit attached. It takes a lot of work. It can sound really cool. It looks awesome on your monitor to people who know nothing of synths(so do Krakli YAVA,RMP2, and K700). It takes some CPU because latency can be an issue. I probably wouldn't buy the Arturia because I didn't like their JP8 and I really don't like ARP synths that well(used to own an Odyssey(try Electrostudio ODsay if u want a good freebee)), but I love it for what it is.
Keyboardjeff Oct 19 2011
(5 / 5)
Oct 19 2011
Best synth ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has a very wide range of different sounds. You did a fantastic job!
Anonymous Sept 03 2011
(5 / 5)
Sept 03 2011
Good synth, kinda stringy I think, I like it.
minimoog Aug 11 2011
(1 / 5)
Aug 11 2011
I've gotta arp2600 from arturia. Interface of Arppe2600va is infantil. Better is arturia's ARP. It has got sequencer.
csabi Jun 28 2011
(5 / 5)
Jun 28 2011
One of the best things about this synth is that it helps you learn about sound generation basics; it gives a big control possibility and the sound is astonishing. The only drawback till now is that I couldn't sync the repeater and the sample+hold modules to the hosts clock in order to have tempo based effects.
deepwatermusic Jun 22 2010
(5 / 5)
Jun 22 2010
Freakin' awesome! I use it constantly. One of the best softsynths out there.
Ghekorg7 Apr 22 2010
(5 / 5)
Apr 22 2010
Like a real 2600 without the mini-cables.Low CPU, great modular sound, runs perfectly with the other ARP Odyssey reproductions. Cool stuff ! Thanx.
Peter Dec 28 2009
(5 / 5)
Dec 28 2009
Considering this is free, it manages to capture brilliantly that typical ARP 2600 'agressive grind' sound, I use this all the time for rythmic bass sequnces and it really stands out!
Glo Dec 12 2009
(4 / 5)
Dec 12 2009
Best modular in his category.
Kevin Dec 08 2009
(5 / 5)
Dec 08 2009
I am really amazed at how great this is - and free !
SpyderX Aug 07 2009
(5 / 5)
Aug 07 2009
Been using this one for years. The best 2600 emulator ever, in my opinion.
acrataluis Mar 17 2009
(4 / 5)
Mar 17 2009
Is really good, but i still found the arturia 2600v emulation much better.. (this one consume less cpu; worth donwnload)