by Belles Ondes
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Win64 OSX
EQ1979 is a stereo analog console strip emulation inspired by the Neve 1073 console.

EQ1979 has three stages:
  • Input Driving stage, which emulates a transformer based analog input amplifier with smooth saturation.
  • Filtering stage with low shelf, mid band, and high shelf inductor-based filter emulation.
  • A Third order highpass filter emulation.
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kuac Jan 27 2024
Jan 27 2024
I use it on Linux with reaper in JSFX format, it would be really cool if there was a vst version to work on all DAWs, but it's an excellent plugin, I really like the drive :)
Bob Feb 17 2024
Feb 17 2024
It's a VST
Jon B Aug 16 2023
(5 / 5)
Aug 16 2023
I'm a Reaper user, so I have used this EQ in JSFX format for quite a while already (you can download it through ReaPack or from the Reaper Forums stash), but it's nice seeing it available in VST3 format now. It's a great EQ that is made to give you nearly the same frequency response as the UAD 1073 emulation (as stated by the developer in the Reaper forums thread). The only thing where the UAD 1073 and EQ1979 JSFX version differed a lot was in the saturation. The JSFX version of EQ1979 only gives you third-order/odd harmonics, when it really should have an even mix of second-order and third-order harmonics. You could say it sounded a bit colder and brighter than it should sound. In this VST3 version that has been fixed though, so it sounds a lot warmer and fuller. The filters between the JSFX and VST3 versions don't match exactly, but it's close enough that it doesn't matter that much. The only thing I think could be done better is using a sharper lowpass filter for the anti-aliasing/OS. The way it is right now, it cuts into the high frequencies a bit too much. Aside from that, this is probably the best 1073 emulation you can get for free!
nomentero Aug 13 2023
Aug 13 2023
hello. thanks for the complement. I have a problem: the plugin works, but the graphic of the three central knobs does not move. Any ideas? I use fl20. greetings.
Dontbecheap Aug 14 2023
Aug 14 2023
FL 21.1 build 3713 here it works fine here.
Dave Aug 14 2023
Aug 14 2023
Same here got no movement with Drive,High,Mid,low & the EQ is on. Ive got movement on HPF. Fl studio
Dave Aug 15 2023
Aug 15 2023
VST3 plugins are buggy! with some older software! you get GUI issues! so on.... why not create a vst for older systems aswell. Why always think people have the latest spec/tech.
Jon B Aug 16 2023
Aug 16 2023
Does the knobs simply not move, or are they not changing the sound? If it is the latter, you need to select a frequency to change first (in the small box beneath the low and mid knobs). The "EQ" button at the right of the GUI has to be enabled as well. If it still doesn't work, you are probably experiencing some Synth Edit related bug.
Dave Aug 17 2023
Aug 17 2023
Tryed freq button still no change! Dont devs realise that just a good old dll file done the trick! Why go for the sky!
Dave Aug 17 2023
Aug 17 2023
Mr Jon B! Ive already enabled the Eq & the frequencies ..So mr Dev stop creating usless VST's for the oldskool pioneers in this world.
Grannitus Aug 11 2023
(5 / 5)
Aug 11 2023
5 von 5 Sternen Klasse EQ
LoFi! Aug 10 2023
(5 / 5)
Aug 10 2023
This is a good flava.