by Ronan Fed
5.0 / 5     (2 votes)
AIRE is a stereo hall reverb.
  • 10 Presets.
  • Detune.
  • Stereo Separation.
  • Decay Time (20 secs).
  • High Freq. Damping.
  • High Freq. Cut.
  • Low Freq. Cut.
Mastartiq Jul 28 2023
(5 / 5)
Jul 28 2023
Simple and easy reverb!
John Burns Jul 11 2023
Jul 11 2023
Another false positive for me. I think this has happened with every Ronan Fed plugin I've tried.
Koshhi Jul 19 2023
Jul 19 2023
Yeah, this one not so good. But Essence and Pneuma are pretty good!
PaPawGOT Jul 27 2023
Jul 27 2023
Ronan Feds website and yourtube videos went off line today. Glad I was able to download his files. I wonder what happened?
Koshhi Aug 05 2023
Aug 05 2023
still off :(
Soundgirl Jul 06 2023
(5 / 5)
Jul 06 2023
Pretty decent sounding reverb plugin! Not too metallic sounding but not too close to say an expensive reverb but i gotta say is i love the simple UI (with not a lot of parameters) to tweak with allows it to be useful or handy for newbies but i think the only thing this reverb plugin is lacking is pre-delay (so you might want to add a delay plugin before the plugin, but i think in some cheap reverb pedal you don't have a pre-delay so i guess you could achieve the same thing with this one) but other than that i'll give this plugin a pass! (since the UI kinda reminds me of the Q-ant-c QRS haha)