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AudioQAM simultaneously modulates phase and amplitude of audio input, and as a result, creates unexpected sound.

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) is widely used in digital communications. AudioQAM is derived from digital quadrature amplitude modulators and refined for audio processing. AudioQAM supports sine as well as triangle, square, and sawtooth waveforms for carrier waves.

In the case of the sine waveform carrier, AudioQAM is essentially equivalent to the phase shift network and thus works as the well-known Bode frequency shifter. In the other waveform cases, the output spectrum is the convolution of the carrier wave and audio input spectrums, therefore creating unknown sound.

AudioQAM is provided as a VST 3 plug-in for digital audio workstations and supports any sampling rates. OS environment is 64bit Windows 10 and later. Refer to the following document for details.
Mark Wazowski May 18 2023
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May 18 2023
This is also great for Neo Dubstep sound design