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G57FX is a module based effect unit with 6 effect modules and 3 analysis modules operating in stereo and mid side.

It is oriented toward mixing and production, and works great for creative effects in sound design as well.
  • 6 effect modules: Filter, EQ, Compressor, Split Compressor, Pan/Level Control and Doubler.
  • Effect Randomizer for fast creative preset design.
  • 3 analysis modules: Loudness, VU and Spectrum.
  • High Quality global FIR Low Cut and High Cut.
  • Stereo and Mid/Side mode.
  • VST3
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Jon B Jun 01 2023
(4 / 5)
Jun 01 2023
Love all of the functionality packed into this small plug-in, but the best function is also the biggest downside (IMO): the linear-phase LP/HP filters. I've been wanting a simple plug-in with just linear-phase LP/HP, but there's no real good option out there. The big mistake with this one is that the filters can't be adjusted. The hi-pass filter is centered around 60Hz and the lo-pass around 16kHz, and they can't be moved. The filters are also quite steep (probably 30dB/oct) and have some rippling around the cut-off frequencies. If he could only make the filters sweepable and have give us some options for steepness (12, 18, 24 and 30dB/oct would be more than enough) this plug-in would be a 5/5 in my eyes! Aside from this detail, I really like the split comp and sallen-key filter. It's not always you see multi-band compression and non-linear filters in free plug-ins, especially in ones made with Synth Edit! Flanders Tech has definitely taken plug-ins made with Synth Edit to another level.
Grannitus May 17 2023
(5 / 5)
May 17 2023
Universal tool !!! Cool