by BipTunia
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MICROTONE 5000 is a polyphonic analog-style microtonal synthesizer.

It comes with 5000 microtonal tunings (also has western 12-TET setting), 128 presets (also can be user configured), 2 oscillators, 2 filters, 1 LFO, 7 LFO assigns, and 6 voices. It has very low CPU usage.
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Jacob Collier May 09 2023
May 09 2023
It's okay for a free synth. Takes some effort to get around it, sounds almost decent with some tweaking, effects. It's versatile unlike previous ones.
Kollusion Apr 12 2023
(5 / 5)
Apr 12 2023
I really struggle to understand the negative comments on any of these FREE tools? Somebody has worked long & hard to produce these Freebies, & also made their long & hard work free to DL & use, with no restrictions!! Please support these Kind, & creative people. Such a better system than the 'Buy before you try' model. Cheers.
George Aug 29 2023
Aug 29 2023
I totally agree with you.
Brian Layzell Apr 11 2023
(5 / 5)
Apr 11 2023
I've been interested in learning about microtuning microtonal music and decided to try out Microtonal 5000. This synth is definitely a kickstarter for any microtonal music project. The synth itself offers plenty of basic features to create some good sounds but its main attraction is the included well over 5000 microtuning files that can be used to get you started on composing some very interesting microtonal music. Just add creative effects chains when using this synth (for example a delay, eq, reverb, compressor, granular processing, or whatever) and experiment with the many tunings, to create unique sounds for your musical project. The developer has also provided a detailed user guide, YouTube videos, some microtonal music tutorials, and even links to actual microtonal music compositions. Finally, when I had problems with loading the presets for Microtonal 5000 into my DAW and another plugin host that I use, the developer responded to me within hours, and we worked out my problem very quickly.
Kathleen Fosgrove Apr 10 2023
(5 / 5)
Apr 10 2023
MICROTONE 5000 is the only microtonal VST I could find that's free, easy to use, and has all the features I need. I learned about it from the YouTube video, For a long time I have had it set up to alert me whenever there's anything new microtonal on Google. This is basically the thing I've been looking for a decade. Real synth sounds with real microtonal scales. Some of the presets are pretty boss too.
Kollusion Apr 12 2023
Apr 12 2023
Hope you will see this again, as I am interested in what people are doing with these Microtonal Scales etc. Any links would be good enough, Thanks.
Bill Boardham Apr 06 2023
(5 / 5)
Apr 06 2023
I'm new to microtona music, I found this on the xen wiki. Didn't try the other synths from the same company that someone is complaining about, but I really like this one. It has some good sounds, you can adjust as you want, and it's got a hell of a lot of retuning options to try. You can change any preset to use any tuning. I read the manual, it says you can also add any tuning you make, so it has infinite options, not "only" 5000 options. But the math to do that seems a bit beyond what I want to sit down and do today. I'm just having fun using new tunings that are SO different than the normal western scale. I'll second what others said about the interface being weird looking, but once I'm using it I'm mainly concentrating on what it does, not on what it looks like. The xen wiki has a lot of microtonal software listed, but most of costs money, some hundreds of dollars. And the ones that don't cost are harder to use than this.
MicroX Apr 04 2023
(2 / 5)
Apr 04 2023
Previous VSTs were for my work a complete junk, won't say it differently. Harsh sounds, useless, impossible to handle HF tones' shrillness and harshness, presets were crap. This one isn't much better, but you at lest improved it a bit. Congrats, I managed to actually not go crazy from dirty, shrieky, sharp sounds like the last time. Secondly, a fixed set of pitches loaded into a VST without any possibility to change it to better fit the music? I don't like that state of affairs, it's arbitrary, unnecessary way to work. I'm talking about changing that EDO or any pitch set, make it adaptive, fluid tuning instead of this outdated set-in-stone approach just to make things as they are and academics less stupid and theories of Xenharmonics well... theories. But if we can do with the pitch as we please none of their papers and PhDs stand a chance, you know that, D. There's no open-source , feature-packed VST retuner so anyone wanting to actually compose in non-twelve has to rely on those few little freeware pieces of garbage or devise something on their own. But things must change. Maybe if someone decides to create an open source retuner, a microtonal community at XA and elsewhere is willing to crowdfund it? I know I am and know others with decent means to donate.
BipTunia Synths Apr 07 2023
Apr 07 2023
Developer of this VST here. There are now High-Contrast versions of our VSTs, (white text on black background interface), here: https://biptunia.com/?p=10467 I didn't make them for MicroX, I made them because a few people asked nicely on the Facebook plugin group, and because I have a friend who is legally blind and he said it would be nice too. I don't mind constructive criticism, and I rarely address critics, but MicroX's attitude is horrible. Snitty, anonymous, demanding, insulting reviews like his are the main reason free software developers stop doing it after a while. Especially people who demand features for free. (That and people demanding free I'm thick skinned, I'm not quitting, but he's being a jerk. I know a bunch of indie devs and here's how we see it: we work all night every night for weeks (or months) to make something cool, often while having a day job. Finally release the thing. A lot of people dig it. Some dig it but offer constructive criticism. Then people like MicroX dump all over it, do it from behind a fake name, and he even gets some of the facts wrong. This is typical lately, people who just take take take, never make anything useful for anyone else, and sit around swiping on and judging things other people make. You complain about "shrill sounds" on my older synths, if you knew how to USE a VST synth and adjust the settings instead of just pick presets from a list, you can make those synths sounds like anything. You being lazy is why they didn't sound good to you, but you want everything handed to you, right? Microx's review is technically inaccurate too. And what, 128 x 5000 options aren't enough? Well, you can add your own. And you're not stuck with the 128 presets I made, you can use any of the 5000 tuning files with any of the presets, and can make your own presets with any combination and save them in your DAW. If you'd bordered to read the documentation you'd know that. If nothing else, MicroX, PUT YOUR REAL FULL NAME so you don't come off as quite as much of a coward. Michael Dean, BipTunia Synths.
Kollusion Apr 12 2023
Apr 12 2023
Great work. Some of us really do appreciate what you & others like you are doing. I am slowly working towards a free plugins only setup, just to prove that they are just as good, (& in many cases, much better) than the commercial plugins. Your many, many late nights / days / hard work, soar eyes / heads, & relationship strains etc, are really appreciated. Keep it up. Thanks.
Mike without the Mechanics Apr 04 2023
(4 / 5)
Apr 04 2023
Uh, BipTunia is back... still nice sounding, still unbelievable ugly.
Dynamic Mar 30 2024
Mar 30 2024
Thank you very much, Dan... I tested it and well... You did marvelous job here, however - A VST capable of loading a single scale from a tuning a time is a step in right direction, now you have some options; yet often one has to tweak it to his taste, change how pitches sound, or has to stick with what's there and that's a real issue and let's face it, variety od pre-existing is fine, but it's so nice to change things in a subltle, dynamic way, morph it, combine at least two scales, do things you can't do with "load-and play" approach. What would be nice is a free VSTx you can load after plugin and both load pitches, morph them, create tham in dynamic way, like you can do with Infinitone DMT or MTS-ESP Suite. One set of pitches is fine ata basic level, but you can't change it as you go; now you're stuck with it and it isn't 12ED2, but you can't adapt it, do anything with it which is quite lacking for me, maybe not for beginners. But for seasoned players it's a mixed bag: good for simple do's, not for complex. But hell, it's free, and it's a bit fun, so go ahead, give it a try.