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Freetakt is a VST2 sampler plugin.

One of the most significant advantages of Freetakt is that it offers a lot of features that are typically only found in paid sampler plugins. For example, it includes a built-in sampler mapping and editor, script editor and a variety of effects. The plugin also has an intuitive user interface, like Kontakt, making it easy to use and navigate. Overall, Freetakt is an excellent alternative to Kontakt, especially if you're on a budget. While it may not have all of the features of Kontakt, it offers a lot of value, considering that it's completely free

Compatible DAWs: Ableton Live, Cakewalk by BandLab, Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Logic Pro, others

Please bear with us as our Freetakt software is currently in Beta and may have some instability issues. We are working hard to improve it and make it more robust, while keeping it always free for you. Thank you for your understanding!
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Krish Sep 01 2023
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Sep 01 2023
I already installed required additional runtime libraries, but it crashes on FL21. Expected by unstable version. If you guys want to try with VSTHost
ArsenPutch Jun 09 2023
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Jun 09 2023
This is some kind of divorce and deception.
andewprod May 10 2023
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May 10 2023
Crashes my FL21, not usable
Diorrlagerrfeld Apr 09 2023
Apr 09 2023
Presenting your plugin as a budget version of an industry standard sampler and copying the GUI knob-for-knob, this is basically the plugin equivalent of fake designer fashion, a "Diorr"-shirt. You just don't do that kind of thing. It might've been a good sampler, if only the dev hadn't made the choice to go down this questionable path, now the whole thing is soured, very difficult to walk back from. The only good thing to come out of this is that attention is drawn to the fact that there are way too few free samplers available, market is too narrow, the result of which becomes apparent from things like this.
Michel Gougeon Apr 29 2023
Apr 29 2023
What's your point? If it can load Kontakt librairies and operates like the original who cares if it looks like the original. In fact it's even better that because we don't have to adapt to a new interface.
EOD May 04 2023
May 04 2023
Michel is right, what you're blaming to this plugin, is the reason why it's great.. It's familiar, and it's free.
alex May 26 2023
May 26 2023
It cannot load Kontakt libraries. Therefore, its purpose is unclear
Michel Gougeon Mar 29 2023
Mar 29 2023
MAC version please.
Anon Mar 23 2023
Mar 23 2023
Needs an macos port
Linux Mar 24 2023
Mar 24 2023
Linux too. In this day and age, with so many cross-platform development options, why anyone would publish something only for Win is just baffling.
Pisces Apr 08 2023
Apr 08 2023
Its most likely because Windows is the most prominent OS. Mac users obviously aren't short of cash, so less into freeware or turn there nose up at it.
dave Apr 08 2023
Apr 08 2023
Why do a slimmed down version of a well known sampler!!
User Apr 08 2023
Apr 08 2023
Linux is a very small minority. I've only seen one Linux machine irl in my life. And apple products are expensive high end options for professionals, so developing free plugins doesn't make a lot of sense.
Linux Apr 14 2023
Apr 14 2023
Yeah, but windows is going to trash with win 11 and ads all over the OS, so I expect Linux will see increases in users soon. Or they'll probably just go to Mac, either or. Regardless, it makes zero sense NOT to use cross platform tools these days, same with not using open source tools (you don't have to open source your output, but relying on proprietary stuff just doesn't make sense given the quality of open source frameworks for DSP development). And if you are using a cross platform solution, is it really that difficult to click the "compile for Mac/Linux:" button too>>? :)
Jun 10 2023
DON'T SPIT IN THE SOUP, if u dont like it, go and buy the KONTACKT one, that's all i have to say to u, people expecting the same functions of a paid vst into a free one, are just stupids....BE HAPPY that there are developpers that works for the FREE, if not our world would only be for RICH ones, it would SUCK.... BRAVO to the DEVELOPPERS FOR THE FREE, DIVINE LOVES THE FREE