by Fanan Team
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999gen2 is a rhythmic MIDI arpeggiator.

999gen2 creates no sound but triggers other VSTis that opened in the D.A.W. It can generate 999 seeded arpeggios which driven by **chords**. You can set a unique speed, note's length octave range and diversity (ply) to each arpeggio.

You can also switch between arpeggios with your MIDI keyboard and randomize arpeggios in live sessions. The arpeggios are always synced to the D.A.W's BPM and denominator, so you'll always get automatic positioned results.
Eknom2 Mar 21 2023
(5 / 5)
Mar 21 2023
It works fine, it's a Midi arpeggiator not an instrument. It makes no sound on it's own, you need to link in to a synth.
Monke Mar 20 2023
(5 / 5)
Mar 20 2023
It works perfectly. The smooth brains down voting this don't know this doesn't make a sound, it "Arpeggiates" a Midi signal going into it! Every DAW is different about how you link it to another Synth vst. It is a Arpeggiator MIDI tool, not a synth or effect.
Jaymo Mar 17 2023
Mar 17 2023
Doesn't seem to work in Reaper
Evo Mar 17 2023
Mar 17 2023
Infortunately none of their plugins works in Reaper..
Anon Mar 20 2023
Mar 20 2023
Works great here, Reaper v6.77, plug-in x64.
JayJay Mar 20 2023
Mar 20 2023
Works perfectly here on reaper 6.7. This plugin does not create any sound by it self. It only create midi arppeggio that you should route to another vsti through midi router in reaper. It's prrety good plugin for trance and reggae music.
Evo Mar 21 2023
Mar 21 2023
Ok, I'm gonna give it a try then ^^
Writhe UK Mar 22 2023
Mar 22 2023
"Infortunately none of their plugins works in Reaper.." Unfortunately for you maybe, but Ive got 8 Fanan plug-ins, and the latest Reaper (6.78), and they all work GREAT.
Evo Mar 22 2023
Mar 22 2023
Writhe UK Drop it, punk ^^