by Flandersh Tech
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Substitute is a dual oscillator analog synthesizer.

Covering all the classical features of a subtractive synthesizer such as oscillators, filters, effects, extensive modulation options and arp/chord generator, you have what you need to make your sound. In addition to this, it is a social synth created for connecting to other synthesizers through its CV outs and sampling features.
  • Dual oscillator section with classical waveforms and oscilloscope.
  • Supports custom single-cycle waveforms and recording/sampling of single-cycle waveforms.
  • Topology preserving analog-style filters with spectrum meter.
  • Extensive modulation capabilities through four envelopes and four LFOs, with CV out options for external instruments.
  • Creative effect section with different delays, waveshaper, compressor, reverb, special noise generator, ring modulation, FM, tone control, bit reduction and saturation amp.
  • MIDI chord generator and classic arpeggiator.
  • VST3.

Requires Visual C++ Redistributable Package (2015 version).
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MJAC May 03 2023
(4 / 5)
May 03 2023
With FL studio work arounds, it sounds great, definitely 5/5 when the bugs are fixed
Doesn't Work, More Than CV Signals Mar 24 2023
(2 / 5)
Mar 24 2023
It crashes in FL Studio. The dB meter will show sound coming out of the channel, but it will make no noise. Even with the CV signals disabled (why do they need to be disabled in some obscure menu to simply get the plugin to work without clicking - yikes), the plugin still sporadically crashes FL Studio's output entirely. When I do get it to work in FL Studio without clicks (by reloading the plugin over and over and disabling the CV signals until it does something), it emits a grainy, high pitched electrical noise (wobbling like it has an LFO on it) that ruins the synth's tone. Which is a real shame, as the synth seems to have a magnificent tone! If it actually worked, I would use this a lot and write rave reviews about it. But unfortunately, it doesn't work. And even more than producing incredible sounds, actually working in an accessible way should be the primary function of a synth.
Flandersh Tech Mar 25 2023
Mar 25 2023
Sorry to hear about that. I'm not able to reproduce the problem in my FL Studio 21 Producer Edition, so it is hard to come up with a solution. The reason that you in FL Studio have to disable the CV outs has to do with how FL Studio is made. It works without doing anything in the other tested DAWs (Studio One Pro, Cubase Pro and Reason). I may release a SE version of it in the future without CV out connections.
MJAC May 03 2023
May 03 2023
A FL studio work-around. Troubleshooting tab/click 'Use time offset' (It makes the plugin recoverable when it has crashed. You click Settings tab/click 'Reload Plugin'). Processing tab/click: 'Make bridged' and 'External Window' (so the plugin doesn't take down FL). Processing tab/connections: unclick 'CV9 [ARPg]' or all the CV's (To stop the clicking). I hope that help until the dev fixes the issue in FL Studio
Mike without the Mechanics Mar 23 2023
(4 / 5)
Mar 23 2023
Works fine in Mulab with VST3shell, nice Synth!
The Doctor Mar 22 2023
Mar 22 2023
It crashes Fl Studio 21
Samhooey Mar 22 2023
(1 / 5)
Mar 22 2023
No working in Cantabile. Couldn't get it to load. Deleted.
Mark Mar 20 2023
(1 / 5)
Mar 20 2023
Crush Ableton
AntonioMan Mar 19 2023
(0 / 5)
Mar 19 2023
Yep, doesnt' apear in Reaper. Crash Bandlab Cakewal and VSTHost.
Guido Rehder Mar 19 2023
Mar 19 2023
It doesn't work in Cakewalk either. Apparently there's either something missing or the installation script is not correct.
alb Mar 18 2023
Mar 18 2023
Reaper doesn't acknowledge it. Put into VST folder, run the "scan for new plugins" and nothing turns up. Reaper does this occasionally with non-compatible stuff.
Doesn't Work Mar 17 2023
Mar 17 2023
Doesn't work in FL Studio. Generates strange click noise.
Flandersh Tech Mar 20 2023
Mar 20 2023
If all outputs are enabled in FL Studio, a click sound will be the result as CV signals are sent to the output and mixed together with the audio signal. If the CV signals is not planned for any other synths, the other channels may be disabled using the Processing tab in the plugin wrapper of the instrument in FL Studio.
GwenMollo Mar 16 2023
Mar 16 2023
Doesn't work on S.One