by TTM Works
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ttm012 is a digital synthesizer with a unique waveform synthesis engine and modulation mechanism.

The waveform generation engine is the same as that of ttm002, but it has added filter functions and other features to provide more flexibility in sound creation. Although it calls itself a digital synthesizer, the feel is the same as that of an analog synthesizer, and of course it excels at analog synthesizer sounds as well.

By selecting any one of five different waveform generation patterns and adjusting up to eight parameters, the main oscillator waveform can be generated with simple operation. In addition, modulation and LFO waveforms can be superimposed as sub-waveforms for more complex sound creation.

For final tone adjustment, a high-pass filter, low-pass filter, chorus, and echo are provided.
  • Generation of the main oscillator waveform using a unique algorithm.
  • Original modulation mechanism for tone changes.
  • LFO can be selected from 6 different waveforms including the main oscillator.
  • Modulation and LFO waveforms can be used as sub-oscillators.
  • Small memory usage and light load.