Bass Station
by Novation
3.3 / 5     (7 votes)
Win32 Win64 OSX
Bass Station is a monophonic bass synthesizer.
  • Two Oscillators that have been carefully modelled to preserve the precise tonal character of the classic sawtooth and square waveforms of the original instruments.
  • 12/24 dB Low-pass filter with all the warmth and resonance often lacking in today's modern digital synthesis methods.
  • Intuitive ADSR envelopes.
  • Low Frequency Oscillation which can directly control the harmonic content of the sound by pulse width modulation or filter cut-off.
  • Oscillator Sync for the most complex and expressive timbres.
  • Enhanced Classic panel for greater tweakability:
  • The original front panel has been 3D modelled and additional controls have been added for ease of use. The Filter envelope has its own set of ADSR controls and OSC1 and OSC2 have their own section for pitch modulation and PWM control.
  • All controls receive MIDI controller numbers for the recording and replay of tweaks during a performance.
  • Monophonic.
  • 100 "Stunning" Sounds carefully crafted from the Novation factory.
  • The Bass Station Plug-In is shipped with the classic originals along with many more totaling 100 sounds for immediate gratification. The patches cover a huge sonic range from screaming leads to phatt funky basses.
  • Sounds created in original Bass Stations can be uploaded into Plug In or vice-versa.
  • On screen dynamic velocity responsive keyboard. (Mouse position determines velocity).
Paul Price May 10 2023
May 10 2023
Ive got the plugin, but how do I get the licence key? Makes me play it in demo mode :/
MAx Aug 13 2023
Aug 13 2023
Download it at Novation website ;)
Steve P. Jan 25 2023
(1 / 5)
Jan 25 2023
I would never have used such a painful, absurd and ugly device, neither on stage nor in the studio
DrizzyB Sep 17 2023
Sep 17 2023
idk man the colors are pretty
Steagnus UNX Dec 08 2022
(5 / 5)
Dec 08 2022
Robust basses, sharp leads and a simple interface. A classic synth, Thanx.
Baby Love 54 Dec 07 2022
(5 / 5)
Dec 07 2022
Basic, now free and easy to use.
Timber Dec 06 2022
(5 / 5)
Dec 06 2022
Strange the negative comments regarding this bass synth. I'm not interested in the GUI look at all - it is the sound that matters, and in that I fully agree with Mr. Sánchez. Well crafted presets and easy to create one's own. The sounds are good, especially when placed through a sequencer brings wonderful, vintage results.
Nathael Nov 16 2022
(1 / 5)
Nov 16 2022
Sounds like it looks: hard and cold. No comparison to the beloved TAL Bassline.
Dave Nov 12 2022
(1 / 5)
Nov 12 2022
Sorry, horrible looks, nonsensical parameter arrangement. Feels like someone has absolutely no idea what matters but thinks he does. That's how it is sometimes :)
anon Jan 18 2023
Jan 18 2023
You just don't know how to use it. This is the software version of the legendary bass synth that was originally released in 1993 and the range has been used by artists such as artists including Massive Attack, Orbital, Everything Everything, Josh Wink, Nine Inch Nails, Super Furry Animals, Underworld, Apollo 440, RZA (Wu Tang Clan), Radiohead, Jimi Tenor, Laurent Garnier, and Sneaker Pimps to name just a few. The modelling is based on the circuitry of the original and is as authentic to the original sound as it can get.
Dave Jan 27 2023
Jan 27 2023
Things don't get better just from the adjective "legendary". I grew up with synthesizers, I know every control function and bass lines were my specialty. For me, the devices from back then are like champagne, but this thing here is like dishwater, desperately carbonated :)
Pep Feb 03 2023
Feb 03 2023
Mhm, I think it's okay not to like an instrument. But what gets me somehow are your arguments. "Nonsensical parameter arrangement"? I mean ... Before I am very much into electronic instruments. But I also play the drums in one band and a bass guitar in another. Sometimes both instruments annoy me because I would have hoped they would be easier to access. But what really matters is the music you can make with them. And you should always do your best. So maybe "easy" or "sensical parameter arrangement" is not everything that matters after all, is it?
Homero Sánchez Nov 12 2022
(5 / 5)
Nov 12 2022
Five stars synth❕