Zumzet Lite
by audiolatry
3.5 / 5     (2 votes)
Win64 OSX
Zumzet Lite is a free Lofi sample-based virtual instrument featuring 23 presets such as keys, pads, synths & leads.

This plugin is the free & fully functional version of Zumzet lo-fi retro virtual instrument plugin for Windows and macOS. The Lite edition comes with 23 presets, compared to the 82 found in Zumzet full; this is the only difference, everything else is unlocked and working just as the paid plugin.

Zumzet Lite can be used in genres including Lofi Hip Hop, Downtempo/Chillout, IDM, Retro Pop, Synthwave, Cinematic, Horror & Game Music, EDM, etc. All the included sounds are 100% royalty-free.
  • 257 MB extracted size / 199 MB download size.
  • 23 presets (keys, leads, pads & synths).
  • ADSR section.
  • Lowpass/highpass filter cutoff.
  • LFO modulation section.
  • Voice mode & glide.
  • Reverb module.
  • Chorus module.
  • Distortion module.
  • Delay module.
  • Global gain & pan.
  • 100% royalty-free.
  • VST/VST3 64-bit Windows & VST/VST3 & AU macOS.
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mnrv-ovrf-year-c Mar 06 2023
Mar 06 2023
Nice instrument but I'm not interested in the author and his/her other aliases because they are spamming me which is not cool. You'd think they have something else better to do. This works on Linux but I recommend Arch- or Fedora-based, something that has Wine v8 or later. Might not be worth the extra presets at any price because most of them just enable the distortion and/or reverb on mostly simple waveforms slightly modulated. That could be acquired from an ordinary 32-bit VST2 instrument built with Synthedit.
PeterSellers Mar 13 2023
Mar 13 2023
Have you tried the unsubscribed link at the bottom of the dev's emails?
Easy Oct 29 2022
(5 / 5)
Oct 29 2022
It's a lite version but you don't feel like missing anything with these 23 presets. Full version would be 59 presets more. I don't need those extra presets because I use this as a weird e-piano by adjustin the ADSR. It's so good for lofi that I thought buying the full version just for the support, but then I thought these nice words are enough support. The full version is now on sale 9€. Normally 12€ if you want more presets.
Bernard Oct 27 2022
(2 / 5)
Oct 27 2022
The sounds are decent. The down load takes you to a link and that link takes you to a link and then you have to do stuff. NOPE . IF ITS FREE SHOULD JUST BE A DOWNLOAD
Fred Oct 27 2022
Oct 27 2022
I think same.. Ty for comment so I don't waste my time ;)
Easy Oct 29 2022
Oct 29 2022
The company is using Gumroad, the same as SampleScience is using for payments and download. I hate Gumroad. It once made my paypal continual and it took the same price again a month later. Since then I've been checking my paypal everytime I buy something. But now in this case Gumroad has some sneaky size limits for free products and it wants you to put 1 € and press enter to that. After that you can made it 0 € with the code FREE and download the plugin right from there. Not very difficult but it feels little sneaky. Still 5 stars from me because the plugin is sooo good.