by Xoxos
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This synger-derived algorithmic vocalist uses a reduced phoneme set inspired by polynesian languages.

Xchanter uses Lance Putnam's henon oscillator (orbit modeling) sep. This is a very old VST, as of 2008 I still hear of it being used.
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Mar 02 2019
THIS LITTLE SYNTH does not look great, but it has some weird sound that are unusual and good quality, need some FX and it can be a strange sounding synth, good for sound design.
Kyle Oct 04 2016
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Oct 04 2016
Didn't even work for me, froze ableton.
Jason Dec 10 2013
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Dec 10 2013
Excellent for a freebie. You people just lack patience, this thing can do some very good stuff.
kmiell Nov 15 2010
Nov 15 2010
Sounds like a retarded throat cancer patient that really has alot to say. If you have a sense of humor you will have a blast with this for at least 15 minutes. Of course 5 of that will be staring at your computer wondering why the hell your playing with it. Ahahaa.
just a dj Dec 28 2010
Dec 28 2010
You are right.
Kizum22 Sep 15 2022
Sep 15 2022
Never laughed so hard at a comment before. But it's true
yikes Apr 01 2024
Apr 01 2024
lol that comment sure is from 2010 xD
japoni Aug 27 2010
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Aug 27 2010
So bad.
faderlikesit Apr 03 2010
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Apr 03 2010
It's okay, but get Angelina.. that one is better... sure, it's not free, but it's not overly costly, and it sounds great, easier to work with than this one. Still, this one is free and if you are patient with it, and don't mind working at it, possibly will get good results. Me...I don't have a lot of time to wast, so it's either Angelina or Cantor, Angelina in first place cos it never freezes my PC like Cantor. Matter of fact, neither has this free one.
nim Mar 06 2010
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Mar 06 2010
Sounds awesome with some processing :)
Anonymous Sept 21 2009
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Sept 21 2009
Poor graphic user interface, weird sound quality, easy to use.
SpyderX Aug 07 2009
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Aug 07 2009
I've had this one for years. If you understand formant processing well, this synth can do nice things for you.