ToneLib NoiseReducer
by Tonelib
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Win64 OSX Linux
ToneLib NoiseReducer modulates a two-unit noise reduction rack effect, which is capable to easily remove all the unwanted noises from your mix.

Designed to be straightforward and easy to use, TL NoiseReducer adapts perfectly to practically every specific task you aimed on. You won't find anything superfluous in the controls of this plugin - just tell it how closely to monitor the input signal and how strictly to respond, and that's it.

The Reducer Unit Auto-Mode and EasyGate Unit itself will further simplify your workflow with this plugin, leaving you with just one knob each to adjust the effect's sensitivity.

This module simulates the collective image of the Studio Noise Gate Rack Effect. Extremely easy to operate, it gives you enough freedom for adjustment to your specific needs, whether it’s applied to guitar tracks, vocals, or something completely different. This unit can operate both in auto and manual modes. When switching to automatic mode, the whole effect setting is reduced to a single Threshold slider.

EasyGate unit is based on the NoiseGate guitar pedal and is designed specifically to respond primarily to the guitar's frequency range. As practice shows, it is often enough only one knob to setup the Gate effect, and this principle is implemented in the EasyGate unit. For the dirtiest and most aggressive mixes there is Hard mode provided in this unit, which significantly increases the sensitivity of the effect as compared with the standard mode of operation.
The easiest Gate effect that is possible | TL NoiseReducer
As visual as possible with frequency spectrum display | TL NoiseReducer

Frequency spectrum display feature will allow you to track in detail the changes made when working with the plugin. Real-time visualization of the input and output signals allows you to track exactly what changes you have made when adjusting a particular parameter. This feature makes working with sound as visual as possible, and it becomes clear exactly what a particular parameter is doing on the frequency range.

TL NoiseReducer comes in 64-bit VST / VST3 / AU / Standalone.
ALex Mar 04 2024
(5 / 5)
Mar 04 2024
Отличный плагин, Кушает мало, работает идеально! заменяет NS1
AC Dec 01 2023
Dec 01 2023
.exe ? no way!
Joe Nov 01 2022
(5 / 5)
Nov 01 2022
This plugin is great! The noise reducer segment has the usual parameters for those who like to tweak. The easy gate section is, literally, like magic... my high gain guitar chain creates a lot of buzz, but simply set the sensitivity and the buzz is gone without cutting off the signal! CPU is elevated while GUI is open, but drops to nothing after set and closed. Thank you for this!
Ma Oct 20 2022
Oct 20 2022
Unfortunately, it is an exe file, too bad.
N/A Oct 20 2022
Oct 20 2022
It took longer to type this than it did to install the vst3.