by Quilcom
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SIM-RHYTHMICON plugin gives you the chance to explore and play a virtual version of this remarkable polyrhythmic instrument built by Leon Theremin in 1931.

Each key from middle C up to Eb5 plays a progressively faster beat division, each with its own harmonically related pitch pulses.

Also provided features not possible on the original one while hopefully being faithful to Henry Cowell’s vision when he commissioned its manufacture.
TommyFL Dec 22 2023
(5 / 5)
Dec 22 2023
All in all I'd say this is a pretty good plugin if you are looking for a nostalgic sound. It's been a while since I heard a sound like this, if I recall correctly I think the last time I heard this was when my granddad flatlined.
Klimperei Oct 05 2023
Oct 05 2023
Impossible to get a sound ! that'as a pity coz it seems very interesting...
rek Dec 01 2022
Dec 01 2022
Haven't found a quilcom plugin yet that works with Yabridge. I think it's a synthmaker thing because the majority of windows vst's bridge for Linux nicely. Overall I think something is not quite right about synthmaker plugins.
DrakuLaura Oct 19 2022
Oct 19 2022
Funny fact - this machine from 1931 can be used for programming very, very annoying/loud/syncopated EDM lead lines. GUI is good, but one feature is very tiresome - I mean this spinning wheel with dots, which causes eye strain way too fast. It would be good to have an option for turning off/on wheel animation.
gridsleep Oct 26 2022
Oct 26 2022
If Sync Mode is changed from Authentic to Sync On First then the wheel stops spinning. I haven't played with it enough to discover how that affects the sound. I like your handle.
tapechamberlin Oct 28 2022
Oct 28 2022
Thanks to gridsleep for the tip and DrakuLaura for pointing this problem out. I had never actually heard of this instrument before. Polyrhythms (two different rhythms simultaneously) are rarely used in contemporary music today, but alive and well in many traditional cultures. Polyrhythms, odd time signatures and non-equal temperament tunings and pure harmonies can bring much interest to music. Speaking of pure harmonies, I'd love to hear a barbershop quartet synth from Quilcom. Though it might take some programming to make the synth figure out the right tuning to apply to each incoming MIDI notes like real quartets adjust their singing to produce those sweet pure harmonies.