Phaser 74
by Fazertone
4.4 / 5     (5 votes)
Win64 OSX
Phaser 74 is a MXR Phase 90 emulation.

This was the first ever phaser to come in a small pedal format, but don't let its simplicity fool you: it's a gorgeous, shimmering sound that's been present on countless records, most notably associated with Van Halen and David Gilmour.

Using the same neural network tech as our other pedals, we've reproduced all the analog warmth of the original circuit so you can get it in plug-in format - and we're releasing it for free! Get the elegant simplicity of this classic pedal - a welcome respite from the complex controls in more modern gear, all you need is to drag and drop it to instantly get that vintage 70s phasing effect. With the speed knob, you can control the rate of the phasing, allowing you to go from a subtle background wooshing effect, to an intense psychedelic swirl.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.14 or later, Native M1 or Intel from 2014 or later. Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64-bit. Formats: VST3 / AU. Tested in Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Reaper and Cakewalk.
TONDJO Nov 02 2022
(5 / 5)
Nov 02 2022
Un grain intéressant, peu de boutons, mais tous sont sensibles et apportent des alternatives crédibles. J'aime beaucoup !! merci
cyber_T Sep 12 2022
(5 / 5)
Sep 12 2022
As I had previously written: With a proper relation of wet and dry this plugin can sound really good and "oldschool"...
Joe Sep 11 2022
(5 / 5)
Sep 11 2022
This plugin sounds great; convincing emulation! Fazertone's free Klone is very good, as well! Thanks!
Jaymo Sep 11 2022
Sep 11 2022
There is a strange clicking noise during silent parts when this pedal is engaged. When it's bypassed the sound stops. Kinda sounds like either a bad cap or transistor in the circuit.
Faydit Sep 09 2022
(2 / 5)
Sep 09 2022
I'm sorry but this - well - "interpretation" of this specific pedal sounds much too digital and sterile to me. I have owned the real pedal and also have some other plugins, which are based on this pedal and they all sound much more naturally and organically to me. Not really bad but also far away from any analog authenticity and warmth. If the real pedal sounded like this plugin I would not want to use it.
cyber_T Sep 12 2022
Sep 12 2022
I agree. I also own a vintage original and this plugin sounds a little bit "over the top". But there is hope: the mix-function is the key for a more virtual-analogue sound. With 50% wet it is similar to a real "M*R Phase 90" and with 25% wet (and less!) you can simulate a rare "M*R Phase 45".