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Win64 OSX
TRAX is an easy to use transient processor.
  • ATTACK: Will amplifies or attenuates the initial part of transients.
  • SUSTAIN: Will amplifies or attenuates the tail-end of transients.
  • OUTPUT: Clean +/-15dB output.
  • ANALOG OBSESSION (Label) will engage 4x Oversampling.
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4mica Sep 12 2022
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Sep 12 2022
I'm picky about transient shapers, many sound a bit unnatural. But this has a nice natural sound, even when turned up. Especially on the attack side (I don't usually use sustain).
Grannitus Sep 07 2022
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Sep 07 2022
Wie immer gut, eben Analog Obsession !!!! Nur das Layout haut unter Cubase 12 nicht hin. Oben rechts - ein weisses Quatrat ? Aber es gibt bestimmt bald ein Update - so wie O.A kenne .......