by Apollo Beatz
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Win64 OSX
PSY PAN Pro is a psycoacoustic panning tool.

It brings a more natural, realistic and almost 3D-like binaural effect to your listening experience then a common panorama can do! PSY PAN tries to mimic the laws of nature and the way we humans hear!

Instead of regulating the loudness of left and right channels only, PSY PAN does 3 things simultanously! With only one slider you control the tiny amount of delay between left and right, the amount of a LP filter, which will be different for each side, and the loudness, of course - with 3 modes for headphones, and one for loudspeakers. Although it is designed to work in binaural mode, what makes the mixes not mono-compatible, but it hasn't to, by turning off the delay function between the left and right channels.