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ttm010 is a sound generator with a unique waveform synthesis engine and modulation mechanism.

ttm010 is based on the synthesis engine of ttm002 and optimized for synth.

By adjusting three carefully selected parameters, any desired tone can be obtained with simple operation.

For final tone adjustment, a high-pass filter and low-pass filter are provided.

It is designed to produce an impressive sound with rich overtones, rather than to approximate a real instrument like a sampled sound source:
  • Generation of basic waveforms from nothing using a unique algorithm.
  • Generation of tones with rich overtones using a unique modulation mechanism.
  • Generation of arbitrary sounds with simple operations.
  • Small memory usage and light load.
the[S1MC4N] Jan 04 2024
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Jan 04 2024
This, among others, might make a nice DCO for my modular grip on world domination. You gotta start somewhere, don't you?
ttm Mar 31 2024
Mar 31 2024
Thank you. I am trying to figure out how to create complex waveforms with simple controls and make them usable for performance. The culmination is ttm012. I never thought of using it as a DCO! You are amazing!
ttm Aug 25 2022
Aug 25 2022
Presets were added and Ver. 0.03 was released.
PSY-LION Aug 18 2022
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Aug 18 2022
The administrators of - please, set a minimal requirements for the developers in order to submit their work here. Personally, i respect that all of this comes completely for free, however you should not let publish absolutely everything here as in this case - the plugin has nothing special about it and these sounds can be replicated easily. I do not want to offend the developer, however this is something which i dont see anyone using in their sound design or music production.
Erisian Aug 19 2022
Aug 19 2022
Some may have a use for it, for example for basic sound creation in a modular environment where they can add their own effects. Who knows what it can be used for with a bit of imagination and a sense of raw fun?
SAMs Aug 19 2022
Aug 19 2022
This site is meant to showcase free plug-ins, not that they are necessarily useful to everyone. For this reason, it has the ability to evaluate them. Note that plug-ins are registered by webmasters, not developers.
eb23 Aug 21 2022
Aug 21 2022
No one uses all the free plugins released ever. You could say a lot of the plugins on the site are now old, deprecated, passé. Especially the 32bit-only ones. And yet, some people are still after those. To reload old projects, or find a quirky sound source. There has been a lot of very good free plugins released these past few years, and I get that some might seem undeserving of your attention because they are less ambitious.
Synthya Aug 24 2022
Aug 24 2022
Creativity is always your own responsibility, not the developer's responsibilty. If you don't like it, you are entitled to your opinion, but if you want to bring the website and everything down with your opinion as a result . . . you might be just a little bit overreacting here.
ttm Aug 25 2022
Aug 25 2022
Since ttm010 is still a beta version, it is possible that it is not fully utilized for its good qualities. I'm now preparing presets for the release of Ver 01.00, so please wait a little longer.
Jas Nov 23 2023
Nov 23 2023
This may sound perfect for a SNES style videogame, a song for kids, a retro-low budget comedy video, a silly song or aything anybody wants it for so next time you think of a comment like that you better calm down and remember not everybody else is like you.
the[S1MC4N] Jan 04 2024
Jan 04 2024
Actually, I am experimenting with various builts of different approaches to modular synthesis based on the architectural structure of my DAW (StudioOne). Basically, the idea is to build an entire modular synth on the console using inserts and sends for routing single FX plugins like modules. Although I haven't tested them in particular, plugins like ttm002 and ttm010 seem perfect as DCOs for that purpose, so I am very grateful and happy that these plugins exist and get shared for free. Please do not confuse lack of imagination and creativity with common sense or reasonable thoughts. Or in other words: who asked?