by Lese
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Win64 OSX
Codec is a degrader designed for sound destruction.

Unlike other plugins that simulate degradation in "old school" ways like vinyl, tape or cassette, Codec degrades sound in the most common way we hear today, through internet compression algorithms.

Codec is essentially a container that holds an audio compressor (not that kind of compressor) so you can compress and then decompress your sound, in real time, in your DAW of choice.

Since Codec is basically just a container, we figured it would only be fair to provide it for free as a VST3 and AU plugin, so enjoy.

Packet Drop: Codec can simulate a poor internet connection through the use of it's "Loss" system (as well as how 'lost packets' are handled). Packets can either be lost totally (and the internal algorithm will try to "reconstruct" your sound in real-time), or they can be held and repeated (for a super glitchy effect).

A "Bit" Of Crunch: You can take Codec to it's limits via the crunch section. Massive amounts of gain can be applied to the frequency section of your choosing, and then removed once compression & decompression have been completed, keeping your sound at the same volume but adding even more artifacts.

Mode Selection: The internal state of the algorithm can also be altered. If you click on the Lese logo in the title bar, you can switch between a "voice" mode, a "music" mode, and a "low-latency" mode. Each of these modes respond to incoming sounds a bit differently.
Reaper Bug Sep 01 2022
Sep 01 2022
In Reaper new plugins will default themselves to a categorical folder, which is fine as I just remove it because I have my own set of folders. However, this plugin keeps looking for the "Distortion" folder and basically created one permanently for itself to sit in.
Jon B Aug 18 2022
(5 / 5)
Aug 18 2022
Absolutely love the sounds you can get with this! It's a different take on a bit crusher/down-sampler, but in a very good way. Adding it to synth pads or keys can really give you a magical sound, and it also sounds very good as vocal FX. I've had no problems or bugs at all, just like with all other plug-ins from Lese. Also appreciate that they gave us a no-installer option with this one. It's so much easier to just copy a .vst3 file to your plug-in folder with small plug-ins like these, rather than having to use an installer.
Anonymous Aug 16 2022
(3 / 5)
Aug 16 2022
Unfortnately useless in a live-plugin chain due to latency (even in "low-latency mode", but a fun effect for bounced tracks nonetheless.
K Aug 15 2022
(4 / 5)
Aug 15 2022
Sounds great for getting that sort of low bit rate audio format sound and mostly been using it for reverb and delay but yeah it's latency is a bit overwhelming (well for me I don't know about yours) other than that it's a interesting and useful plugin!