by zOne.sk
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Quo is simple stage panner. It place two virtual microphones to simulate virtual stage.

It does not simulate realistic room acoustics but rather focus on audible effect usable on headphones and loudspeakers.

It is able to use mono or stereo audio source. For stereo source it allows you to do true stereo panning.
  • Haas Cross Dual Delay for creating stereo audio from mono.
  • Interaural time difference - difference in arrival time of a sound between two ears.
  • Distance delay to simulate sound delay based on distance.
  • Boost Mic allow you to change linear decay to adjustable logarithmic decay.
  • Absorption of high-frequencies in air.
  • Reflection with adjustable intesity.
  • XY pad for positioning audio source on virtual stage.
  • CTRL+drag on pad allows you to place source on 10x10 grid tile.
  • CTRL+right mouse click set sliders to 50%.
  • Double left click set sliders to zero.
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