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uzumaki is a FM / Phase Distortion mixer.

It allows you to fm (using synthesizer-style phase modulation) any two mixer channels together by sidechaining them, which lets you modulate any audio together.

It is a one-knob plugin, all you have to do is click and drag on the plugin in order to turn the spiral and activate the fm effect. Watch the youtube video to learn how to properly sidechain, in fl studio you have to go to a secret "processing" tab in order to properly map the input.
Yvnn Oct 04 2023
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Oct 04 2023
Sounds horribly messed up and it's fantastic
B-DAWG Aug 10 2022
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Aug 10 2022
should have called it the headache machine
amateur tools Aug 06 2022
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Aug 06 2022
Hi, just wanted to chime in here and say this sounds more like a ring modulator, which is potentially a good thing, but it doesn't sound like it's doing FM. keep going forward dev don't get discouraged! integrate the feedback into your algo and keep moving forward!
Squid Boi Aug 02 2022
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Aug 02 2022
Easy to use! Been looking for a plugin like this for awhile. (I guess I wasn't the only person that wanted to FM in synths that couldn't FM.) Thank you very much for your creative and interesting new tool! The GUI is pretty cool as well. A bit on the weird side, but wild plugins like this need wild GUI am I right?
Alfredo Aug 01 2022
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Aug 01 2022
Completely useless... How can anyone use it practically?
Chaoticsonics Aug 29 2022
Aug 29 2022
I used it near the end & ending of my solarpunkwave WIP, i'm working on a tutorial soon for it. Turns an acoustic guitar into a brass instrument & makes a piano sound like rhodes. Automating the gain knob helps. This is my Solarpunkwave WIP btw
Chaoticsonics Jul 30 2022
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Jul 30 2022
Decent FM sound, a FM tone knob would be nice like kilo hearts phase distortion. I installed the plugin in the wrong drive by accident as first, but worked after installing at the right place.
Chaoticsonics Jul 30 2022
Jul 30 2022
Can't find it in Plug in manager for FL studios 20. Would really like to try it, but don't know why it's not showing.
Squid Boi Aug 11 2022
Aug 11 2022
Did you put the file under Program FilesCommon FilesVST3?
Chaoticsonics Aug 29 2022
Aug 29 2022
Had it installed in the wrong hard drive. Works great