by Flandersh Tech
4.0 / 5     (2 votes)
Stepocea is a polyphonic stereo sequenced synthesizer tuned for spatial, massive leads and pads that evolves in counterpoint.
  • Four fat sounding oscillators with pan.
  • Individual convolution reverb per oscillator.
  • Dual amp envelope and mod envelope.
  • Dual multitype filters with envelope and LFO.
  • Individual arpeggiators for each oscillator.
  • Oscilloscope and spectrum meter.
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bubbahotepm Jul 24 2022
Jul 24 2022
A separate convolution reverb for each oscillator? What's up with that? It seems like a pretty weird and unnecessary design choice to stack up reverbs, especially for a sequenced (usually short sounds) synth and not CPU efficient at all. Might explain the CPU load complaint. Not saying it wouldn't work but in my experience you don't stack reverbs up because it usually just muddies up the sound.
Flandersh Tech Jul 31 2022
Jul 31 2022
Thank you for the comment! The separate convolution "reverb" option was made for spatialization means in combination with the pan controls. As different positions of choir voices, instruments and so on affect the reverb in a space differently, the possibility to recreate this in a synth through custom recorded impulse responses may have an effect on the spatialization of the sound. In addition to this, individual convolution processors on each layer of sound makes it possible in example to load an amp impulse response on one layer, a delay impulse response on another and so on for sound design means. The high CPU consumption had nothing with the convolution reverbs to do, but was according to a bug. This is sorted in the 1.5 update.
VST-GOD May 02 2023
May 02 2023
The only thing that is unnecessary is your statement. It's all up to you, lack of imagination and musical skills. You don't understand that mr flanders is an artist who gives away his art to us musicians for free. An artist also deserves applause. So thank you very much mr flanders for your hard work. There are people who appreciate what you give them. Stay true to your course. Thank you very much Mr Flanders
Unimakt Jul 11 2022
(3 / 5)
Jul 11 2022
Sound is good but seem buggy for example when trying to load IR into the reverb. Also pretty heavy on the CPU. Some Updates could make this one a killer machine!
Flandersh Tech Jul 31 2022
Jul 31 2022
Thank you for the feedback! CPU usage is optimized in version 1.5.
Erisian Jul 11 2022
(5 / 5)
Jul 11 2022
It's going to take me some time to learn this but what a beautiful sound it has. I'm enjoying it very much!
RobertTorres88 Aug 15 2022
Aug 15 2022
It has a nice engine sound. The sound is crisp. But only a few presets and they seem efx leaning. Glitchy stuff. I think more melodic atmosphere leads would show off what it can do more.