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ttm008 is a guitar sound generator with a unique waveform synthesis engine and modulation mechanism.

ttm008 is based on the synthesis engine of ttm002 and optimized for guitar. By adjusting three carefully selected parameters, any desired tone can be obtained with simple operation.

For final tone adjustment, a high-pass filter and low-pass filter are provided.

It is designed to produce an impressive sound with rich overtones, rather than to approximate a real instrument like a sampled sound source:
  • Generation of basic waveforms from nothing using a unique algorithm.
  • Generation of tones with rich overtones using a unique modulation mechanism.
  • Generation of arbitrary sounds with simple operations.
  • Small memory usage and light load.
Stoby Joe Nov 23 2022
(4 / 5)
Nov 23 2022
I like this plug in. It doesn't cover all the bases but I don't need it to as I have several other guitar plug ins. It is the BOMB for arpeggiations. VERY sweet indeed. I will use it a lot I think. Thanks...
Erisian Jul 04 2022
(2 / 5)
Jul 04 2022
I'm not fond of the sound but maybe some will find it useful. I think a release function would be a good idea next to the attack and I might find it useful if the pluck sound was "cleaner."
ttm Jul 05 2022
Jul 05 2022
It is not a release, but I added a sustain function. I would like to add a clean string plucking sound as well as a preset clean sound in the future. Please click on the following link to obtain the latest.
Erisian Jul 05 2022
Jul 05 2022
Thank you. I've downloaded and I'll give it a spin later.
whippettybbuubwhuup Jul 26 2022
Jul 26 2022
I just wanted to comment that it's nice a developer communicates like this. The first ttm synth froze for me on Reaper 64bit, never even got to hear what it sounded like but I might give this ttm line of synths another chance because the developer has expressed desire to evolve and improve their synths.
Erisian Jul 28 2022
Jul 28 2022
ttm has always been good like that.
ttm Aug 04 2022
Aug 04 2022
You all have always helped me. Especially when ttm000 was released, there were many glitches because I didn't even know how VTS worked yet. I am sure I will continue to need your help in the future.