by Tonelib
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TubeWarmth is a tube overdrive.

At the heart of this effect is the desire to achieve a tube sound, with all its inherent roughness and vividness, from a dry digital signal. TL TubeWarmth adds even-numbered harmonies to the input signal, which contributes to expanding the tone of the instrument, giving it new colors and depth. The gentle tube overdrive further reveals new edges to the sound, emphasizing the new texture of the tone. This seemingly simple effect can be a great addition to any musician's palette.

The main aim of TubeWarmth is to bring the cold and precise digital sound closer to the warm and vivid sound of the tube. Simple in its conception, this effect provides two features. One of the features is a light, warm overdrive of the input signal based on a tube model. The other feature is adding even harmonics when processing the input signal. This provides a deeper signal at the output, while adding the vibrant texture to the sound for which many guitarists still prefer tube effects.

Frequency spectrum display feature will allow you to track in detail the changes made when working with the plugin. Real-time visualization of the input and output signals allows you to track exactly what changes you have made when adjusting a particular parameter. This feature makes working with sound as visual as possible, and it becomes clear exactly what a particular parameter is doing on the frequency range.

John Burns Jul 27 2023
(3 / 5)
Jul 27 2023
Nice sound and nice interface but the CPU usage is definitely on the high side.
Faydit Jun 19 2022
(4 / 5)
Jun 19 2022
In general good sound, but - as the GUI shows two tubes, which means, four triodes, very little gain for a so called tube overdrive. All I get from this plugin even with humbuckers is some decent boost, saturation or light crunch - comparable with any average, mostly clean adjusted tube amp - but hardly a convincing tube overdrive as I usually get it even from a real tube amp preamp with two gain stages like eg. a Tweed Champ. Two tubes means, that the circuit has four gain stages or alternatively three gain stages plus a cathode follower, which usually easily can produce a lot more gain, if wired correctly, even some decent high gain, but at least much more overdrive, at least comparable to the overdrive of an AC-30 or Plexi. As it is adjusted now, this plugin rather is one of these typical tube waring / saturation plugins, which warms the tones a little, but as it is defined as tube overdrive in the description, I also expect a convincing overdrive sound then. If this plugin offered enough gain, to really work as a tube overdrive, it could sound great, I think. As it is at the moment, it still needs some upgrade in my opinion. But nevertheless the direction seems to be right. The graphic frequency display is a good idea too.
Gwugluud Feb 18 2023
Feb 18 2023
Something like this isn't that great for guitar, as you've discovered, lol. This is more like a sim of a tube studio preamp, and where you'd find this much more useful would be inline along with eq etc on a track. The distortion is too subtle to use as a guitar amp, mostly, but the tube effect it lends can make things sound less digital and more "classic". Cheers
Digital Jun 19 2022
(5 / 5)
Jun 19 2022
Было бы неплохо разместить небольшой эквалайзер, для подчёркивания верхних частот.
Digital Jun 19 2022
(5 / 5)
Jun 19 2022
Отличная вещь! Люблю всё ламповое!
Олег Sep 05 2022
Sep 05 2022
Только лампа эта цифровая. :)