by SirenFX
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Win64 OSX
NoisePalette is a versatile noise generator, capable of generating signals with variable power spectra using a high-quality spectral tilt filter.

It is customary to assign colours to different noise spectra, such as the "white" and "pink" noises audio engineers are so familiar with. These noise signals have a constant spectral roll-off, often found in many natural processes. Therefore, they sound more natural than noises shaped with more classical filter designs.

NoisePalette is unique because it allows you to dial in the precise spectral roll-off, from red (-6 dB/Oct) to violet (+6 dB/Oct). The generated noise signal can then form the basis for a wide range of useful sound effects, by sending it through a modulator, granular synthesizer, or any other processor. Such effects range from room tones of vehicle cabin interiors, natural ambiances such as rain, wind, and surf, or the high-frequency sounds of gas leaking and fizzing. Alternatively, the noise signal can be mixed into existing sound assets to thicken or give them more presence.

This plugin is not currently compatible with Ableton Live.
Romain Jan 09 2023
Jan 09 2023
Hey SirenFX ! Do you think this will ever be compatible with Ableton Live? I tried to find a solution to be able to generate all colored noises and in-between. This was super promising. Best regards
Erisian Jul 04 2022
Jul 04 2022
This isn't showing up in Cantabile Lite. Does it use AVX? if so, would it be possible to say so in the description? Thank you.